At what age do you look old

How old do you REALLY look? This new online test should tell us!

Most of us look in the mirror and would like to have a few less wrinkles. Or look younger than they actually are. But we never find out how old we really seem to others. Finally, questions like "How old do you think me are?" rather to awkward conversations. But now there is a new website that is quite a topic of conversation. '', which is supposed to estimate our age based on photos.

It remains to be seen how accurate the results of the so-called #HowOldRobot really are. The fact is, it makes for a lot of entertainment. Because depending on which picture you upload of yourself, it always gives very different results. Depending on the picture, you're only 14 and the next moment 45. By the way, the website also guesses the gender of the person depicted.

Baby George estimates is 38 - and female! Pretty wrong. But with other people it is closer to the truth. If you should try it out yourself, you can find the website HERE. And don't worry: the service is from Microsoft and promises that the images will not be saved or distributed any further.

Give it a try! And if your age is then valued much higher than you would like it to be, don't worry: you are always as old as you feel!

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