How long will the federal prison be closed?

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You live with Sheldon all the time because ... because he saved you from being in a federal prison to go
You've stayed with Sheldon all this time because he kept you from going to federal prison?
Eddie's murder was requested by Judge Caldwell, which means he's an accomplice in murder, so help me identify the killer and we'll lock the good judge in for the rest of his life a federal prison a.
Eddie's killer was solicited by Judge Caldwell, which means he's complicit in the murder, so you help me identify his killer and we will put the good judge away in federal prison for the rest of his life.
NARRATOR: Terminal Island, California, a federal prison for men and women.
Just that Katashi's stuff is in a federal prison and something about Stilinski taking time off today.
Just about putting Katashi's things in a Federal Lockup and something about Stilinski being out for the day.
I think the correct term for this is to slow down work and buy time to investigate before we end up having a kid a federal prison to get stuck.
I believe the technical term is gumming up the works and buying some time to investigate before we end up shipping that kid to a federal prison.
The Federal Correctional Institution, Terminal Island (FCI Terminal Island) is a federal prison the low security level for 1,150 male inmates in California.
October: Teacher Alberto Patishtán Gómez, spokesman for the prisoners on hunger strike and fasting, arrives in a federal prison in Guasave, Sinaloa, forcibly relocated, over a thousand kilometers from Chiapas.
October 20: Professor Alberto Patishtán, spokesperson of the prisoners in hunger strike is transferred against his will to the federal prison of Guasave, Sinaloa, more than 2000 kilometers in distance from his place of origin.
The special feature: the woman is a multiple murderer and the institution, the Ashecliffe Hospital, a federal prisonon an island off the coast of Boston - Shutter Island.
The woman is a multiple murderer, and the clinic - Ashecliffe Hospital - is at impenetrable penal institution located on an isle off the coast near Boston known as Shutter Island.
The target person is in a federal prison brought.
Target's being moved across the border to a federal facility.
It was ultimately the gold rush that caused the construction of the lighthouse to begin in 1853, before Alcatraz from 1933 to 1963 a federal prison it was used as a fort, a lighthouse and a military prison (1868).
It was ultimately the Gold Rush that spurred the building of the lighthouse with construction beginning in 1853.Before Alcatraz was a federal prison from 1933-63, it was used as a fort, a lighthouse and a military prison (1868).
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