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Telecommunication solutions for companies

Whether fax, internet or telephone - telecommunication is central for every company. It is all the more important to think about it in advance: Which devices do I need? Which tariffs should I choose? The requirements for commercial telecommunications equipment are as diverse as the industries themselves. Anyone who would like advice on solutions for their own company is in good hands with aetka. Today I will show you how we can help your company with suitable telecommunications devices.

The right telecommunications infrastructure is crucial for a smooth process in the company. So that communication with customers, suppliers and partners (as well as between employees, of course) works like clockwork, tailor-made solutions are required.

Especially when a new company is founded, the question arises: What equipment do I need? Accessibility is one of the most important pillars of business activity. Telephone and e-mail have become an integral part of everyday life these days, and those who travel a lot for business will appreciate digital services via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Planning is everything: It is not only advisable for start-ups to think carefully about how much networking is necessary. There is often a need for renewal even in long-established companies. Should the cell phone or data contracts be renewed? Should the employees be equipped with tablets? Which telephone system would be useful for your own needs? These are just a few questions that arise in this context.


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Telecommunications in companies: why rely on specialist retailers?

Have you ever stood perplexed in a wholesale market or rummaged more or less haphazardly in online shops? Then you surely have an idea of ​​how difficult it is to keep track of the seemingly endless range of products. This also applies to telecommunications.

What makes the specialist trade so unique is, on the one hand, the specialization in one area and, on the other hand, dedication and direct personal contact with customers. At aetka, we only focus on your individual needs. As a retailer that is independent of manufacturers and suppliers, we can not only offer you information on products, but are also keen to present you with solutions that are tailored to you. To find out what you need, we will take the time to listen to you.

Whether new contracts or devices - comprehensive advice can help clarify what, how and where should be used. With us you get fair and neutral advice on mobile solutions of all kinds. So nothing stands in the way of smooth operation.

How does such a consultation work now? We first take a look at the current situation: What equipment does the customer already have; how would the customer like to use his mobile devices? Do you often go on business trips to (non-EU) countries? Once the general conditions have been clarified, the right tariff is selected.

Our competent team at Dombrowsky Kommunikationssysteme GmbH will be happy to advise you.


In terms of their range, the needs of companies are similar to those of private customers. There are customers who have very simple ideas about what their smartphone should be able to do - namely not much more than make a phone call. Then there are the power users who rely on the mobile internet and need their devices for a variety of different functions. In this case, it is important to find out, for example, how much data volume is required. We also differentiate between the respective contracts - which employees handle more data, which rather less? If in doubt, you can top it up.

If new contracts are needed and a change of provider is imminent, we will also take care of the processing of the termination (s) with your old provider on request. This means that you have to worry less about paperwork and concentrate on your core business.


Which frozen food range do we offer as a specialist retailer?

Our business customers come from a wide variety of industries. I have already welcomed many customer groups to my shop in Telgte: both small craft businesses with two to three employees, as well as medical practices, lawyers, notaries, to hospitals and companies that need telephone systems with up to 500 extensions. The need for TK equipment is correspondingly individual. Should the devices withstand external influences (outdoor cell phones are useful for craftsmen, for example), or should they be especially suitable for office applications?

We offer you a wide range of telecommunications equipment

No matter how big your company is or what industry you come from: We can always offer you something suitable. Our product range includes smartphones, tablets, solutions for vehicle communication (e.g. hands-free equipment, if not already integrated ex works). Of course, we also cover all communication in the fixed network area: Telephone systems and routers of all sizes are just two examples.

For us, the initial equipment of your employees not only includes the provision of mobile phones (including SIM cards and accessories), but also the activation of the cards with the network operator. If necessary, we will configure the devices for you and then give you the access data.

If one of your employees leaves the company, whether for retirement or for other reasons, you can take the contract with you and continue to use it privately. Alternatively, the contract can be assigned to another employee.

Regardless of the topic of telecommunications, IT is also a very important one. Office applications are a matter of course nowadays, but current versions, data security or flexible use depending on employee needs should be taken into account. For this purpose, Telekom offers an interesting solution especially for business customers: Telekom Office 365, which is presented in detail in another article.

Smart Home: home networking for companies

It also happens that I can recommend something to my commercial customers that they were not yet familiar with. This includes relatively new technologies, such as Smart Home - the remote control of office equipment from a mobile phone.

With Smart Home, the energy consumption of office space can be reduced significantly. In offices where the technology is set up, electrical devices such as coffee machines or table lamps can be switched off with a tap of the finger. Even the fully turned thermostat can be turned down comfortably from home after work, or automatically at certain times. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your own utility bill.

Managing Director of Dombrowsky Kommunikationssysteme GmbH

But Smart Home can do even more: In addition to energy management, the technology also serves as a security system. If there should be a fire in the office or water damage occurs, the Smart Home immediately raises the alarm and informs the responsible users. In this way, the risks that threaten your existence can be minimized very easily and you, as an entrepreneur, can sleep more soundly at night.

We have different modules and end devices for Smart Home. Let us or your nearest aetka dealer advise you on the connection options.


Who will look after you and your telecommunications products after you buy them?

Once the contracts have been concluded and all the necessary equipment has been purchased, the setup is on. Often old data has to be transferred to new devices. We can help you with this. With us you not only get the equipment, but also help with setting up the devices - everything from a single source. We work with you to develop the optimal solution for you, go through all the steps and scenarios and make sure that everything works.

As a specialist telecommunications dealer, we not only offer you products and tariffs, but also all the trimmings - and come on-site if required. Installation, configuration and maintenance are just a few of the points.

Our service team will also help you on site

We also take care of the switch to new devices. So if someone comes to us with their old iPhone and buys a new model, we can transfer all of the data to the new device if desired - that is, make a 1-to-1 copy of the data. We install and configure e-mail accounts, and update the software if necessary.

So that important company contacts and other data are not lost later, they should be backed up accordingly. That is why regular backups (especially in a business environment) are very important. We are happy to do that for you too.


If something fails: insurance and guarantee

We offer a three-year guarantee on all mobile devices (except Apple) - one year longer than most other providers. So if one of your office equipment that you have purchased from us suddenly stops working, you can simply contact us again. Our guarantee of 36 months applies regardless of the respective manufacturer's guarantee and offers you the best possible protection against any quality defects or other technical failures.

The team at Dombrowsky Kommunikationssysteme GmbH takes care of your concerns!

If the display breaks or the device is damaged by moisture, additional insurance can help. The insurance also covers damage that can occur in the event of a short circuit, lightning strike or fire. Theft, damage by third parties and operating errors are also covered. We offer electronics insurance from various insurance providers. Here you have freedom with regard to the contract duration and conditions, depending on whether you need permanent insurance or one that can be terminated at any time. We would be happy to advise you on site in one of our branches.

Depending on the case, the affected device will be repaired or replaced in an emergency. In some cases the problem can be resolved on site. In the event of major defects, it can take one to two weeks before you can use the device again. However, especially in a business environment, one is often dependent on availability. In order to avoid failures of this kind, we will be happy to provide you with a loaner. In this way you can bridge the repair time without any problems.

A visit to us is worthwhile for both the initial TC equipment and for the technical upgrade of your company. Regardless of whether you are self-employed or run a 20-person company - at aetka we cater to your individual needs and together we will find the best solution for you. All you need is some time. Visit our R. Dombrowsky partner shop in Telgte, or one of the 2,000 aetka branches nationwide. We look forward to you!