Which mbti has a higher IQ

As a citizen, you know how to sort things out. They tackle complicated things in a practical and pragmatic way and structure them in processes and rules. They form responsibilities and organization. They give the previously disordered support. Her areas of interest lie in the economic, the moral, the material. You as a citizen have the logical intelligence.

You like to join organizations such as church, political party or associations in order to take on your role there. You respect the elderly, try to maintain tradition (Christmas parties, welcoming rituals for new employees) and you submit to the hierarchies. You carry out your tasks very responsibly. Your job will often include rules, guidelines, regulations and schedules.

Citizens are very happy to fit into communities and do not feel comfortable without such a classification. They long for belonging in communities in every sense. If you want to reorganize yourself, start by asking: “What is expected of me? How are the rules designed here? " So they enter kindergarten, school, university and professional life. You care for the community, you care for others in it. They don't want to be the taker on balance, but the giver. You always feel involved and committed. "Everyone has to do their part for the whole." Those who do this permanently in a special way deserve a higher status in your eyes. He is given responsibility for parts of the community. Since you, the Guardian, see it that way, you absolutely believe in hierarchical orders. The status earned through continued worry is expressed in a well-deserved, slow ascent. For you, the future is the ascent from the merits of the past, making you more likely to be with your thoughts in this meritorious past. You earn the ascent through constant preparation. This puts your life in danger of just being prepared. Save money, tighten your belt, pay off your house, get promotions up to the last to eternal life.

During the work, the guardians take care of the organization of the work. They form community networks and like to administer. You keep track of business figures and organize income and expenses. You love a well-defined jurisdiction. During work, they often feel the constant restlessness that they may not be useful for moments. They are constantly busy and help out here and there, give advice and do a lot of work that nobody really sees and that go without thanks, which makes the Guardians feel melancholy. They are not really able to turn down new commitments to service when they are thanked. "Please take care of that too." They comment on that with a sigh rather than refusal.

Her strengths

  • Reliability, a sense of responsibility, a sense of duty
  • Establishing communication links within an organization

Your weaknesses

  • Due to your tendency towards stability, there is little room for innovation
  • They often resist necessary changes
  • Overly expensive provision and insurance

Industry sectors
The industries dominated by people with your temperament:

  • Bookkeeping / accounting / taxation

Types of Citizens