What is the importance of the care of the anatomy

Anatomy: a definition

The word anatomy (ava ana "on" and tome "cut") comes from ancient Greek. Translated, it means "cut open, cut up, dissect".

In the field of medicine and nursing, anatomy is understood as the science and teaching of the external and internal structure of the body.

Fig. 2: anatomy, transparant muscles with skeleton
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The location, shape and structure of body parts, organs or their components, e.g. B. cells, considered.

First and foremost, anatomy describes the healthy body, not the diseased body.

The anatomy describes organs or body parts both macroscopic (visible to the naked eye) as well microscopic (can only be seen at high magnification).

Anatomy as such is only part of the consideration, limiting itself to how the body is built. The complement is in the physiology.

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