What is the future of wedding dresses

Customs, myths and information about the wedding dress - what we haven't dared to write so far!

Why do you even wear a white wedding dress to a wedding?

The color white embodies purity and thus untouchedness. However, it did not really gain acceptance until the 1920s, since until then, for reasons of cost, the - usually black - Sunday dress was converted into a wedding dress for "normal mortals". White was reserved for the nobility and, according to wedding dress history, Maria de ’Medici was the style-defining pioneer when she married Henry IV in a white or eggshell-colored silk dress in 1600.



Empress Sissi can certainly be seen as a style icon of the "somewhat more recent" times, who married her Franzl in 1854 in a sweeping tulle dress and thus also served as a source of inspiration for our princess dress.

Who pays for the wedding dress?

In the past, this was reserved for the bride's father or the bride's parents, who were then allowed or had to pay for the bachelorette party, the entire wedding celebration and even the clothing and accommodation of the bridesmaids from their own wallet. But that is now out of date, there are no general rules or regulations. Today, marriages often take place later in old age and, fortunately, brides now earn their own money. That's why we've seen almost everyone here paying. We like to think back to a best friend who threatened to pay when trying on: "You will definitely take this dress now and if I have to stand in the pedestrian zone and sing for it!"

Why is the groom not allowed to see the wedding dress before the wedding?

For this question, we could very well create a completely separate section. The superstition is widespread that it brings bad luck, since demons in the presence of the man could throw evil looks at the bride and the happiness of love should remain a secret before the wedding. Similar dresses were often chosen for the bridesmaids in order to outsmart the demons and distract the eyes. The diabolical forces can also be kept in check with something red in the bridal bouquet and the right herbs.




Speaking of demons - these are also responsible for ensuring that the brides enjoy the pleasure of being carried over the threshold. Because, according to the belief, the nasty spirits wait and live under the threshold even after the wedding! But we digress and get scary feelings as we write. We'd rather come back to the reasons why the man shouldn't see the wedding dress beforehand. We prefer the version that it serves to not tempt the two lovers before the wedding ... A completely opposite interpretation is that in arranged marriages it was intended as a precaution so that the husbands could no longer run away when the bride did not meet your expectations at first glance! It also plays a role that the wedding dress should not be finished until the day of the wedding ceremony. If you want to keep this tradition, you can cut a little thread on the dress on your wedding day, for example, and be on the safe side. We are known to be romantically inclined and we love the emotional aspect - the magical moment when the groom first looks at his bride just before the wedding ceremony. But since we don't believe that the demons are now up to mischief, we consider it just as harmless if you break this tradition and meet for a photo shoot before the wedding ceremony. In general, the following applies here again: interpret the traditions in a way that suits you and shape it according to your own wishes. Even if you want to go looking for a wedding dress with your future husband, that's perfectly fine! And by the way, it can end beautifully, as the incredible DIY wedding of Lena and Michael impressively proves!

Something old, something new, something used and what else?

Something blue and a lucky penny in the shoe! The latter is often omitted in the translation from the original "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a lucky six-pence in your shoe." And is not quite as common in Germany as it was in the country of origin, England. The bride should wear all of this on her wedding anniversary! But why? Sequentially… Something old serves as a symbol for the bond of the bride to her own family and origin as well as at the same time as the stability and permanence of the marriage. Hereditary jewelry or parts of the ancestral wedding outfit are often taken here. Something new symbolizes the new happiness in life, success, a joyful and, of course, common future. The selection is easy here, as everything new that was purchased especially for the wedding - such as a wedding dress or accessories from our bridal collection - is included. Something borrowed stands for help and support from friends. The best way to do this is to borrow something from a happily married friend because, according to belief, this is how happiness is passed on to the bride.




Something blue is the beautiful synonym for loyalty. In the past, the blue garter belt was a big hit with most brides. But as splashes of color are increasingly desired in wedding outfits, a bride with, for example, blue shoes is no longer uncommon ... If you are not interested in the custom, but rather in the fashionable aspect of colored accessories, then take a look at our petticoat, silk ribbon and Bridal flower collection for a suitable eye-catcher for your wedding dress!The lucky penny in your shoe symbolizes prosperity and should lead you into a financially carefree future.

What else is there to say?

The most important questions should have been addressed directly about the wedding dress. If not, we will of course be happy to answer your questions after this series. At the request of a certain designer, we take a position on the seating arrangements of the bride and groom far away from the wedding dress. The custom says that unmarried women always had to walk on the left side of the man. So if you value etiquette at this point, you should make sure that you are being led into church on the left arm of your partner or father and that you are sitting to the left of him. After the wedding, you turn around your own axis when you move out and proudly and happily walk on the right arm of your loved one into shared marital happiness.



Whether left or right, we are always very happy to receive souvenir photos of you, which we are allowed to publish in our küssdiebraut Real Brides gallery. We had a lot of fun creating this category and we wish you a lot on your wedding day. Because besides love, fun is the best basis for a great and unforgettable wedding and your life together. Let our information about the wedding dress inspire you and don't drive you crazy. Design your day according to your ideas and feel kissed by us. BE BRIDE, BE HAPPY !!!