What happened to Abomination in the MCU

What happened to Mr. Blue after he got infected in The Incredible Hulk?

The character referred to as "Mr Blue" (e.g., Dr. Samuel Sterns) in the Incredible Hulk movie is referred to elsewhere in the Marvel comic book canon as "The Leader," a super-intelligent megalomaniac with one

"Oversized brain in a towering skull, often portrayed as the Hulk's nemesis"

An interview with Gale Anne Hurd, producer of 'Incredible Hulk', revealed that the decision to record a scene in which Professor Stern's forehead was infected with Banner's blood was a conscious decision to pay homage to the Marvel villain who owns it the right). She continues to hope that the original character actor Tim Blake Nelson will return to The leader to play in the upcoming sequel to Hulk 2.

"The leader," she said when asked what Nelson was transforming into the last time we saw him. "It would be a great time bringing The Leader into the sequel and Tim Blake Nelson is great and a very talented filmmaker himself."

"When I think of all the many, many, many bad guys in the Hulk universe, now we've got the subscription. Wouldn't it be great to attack the leader?" she beamed. "It's a completely different breed of brain villain that would give the film a great new take on the character."


Getting Tim Blake Nelson back to play The Leader in Hulk 2 got a little dreary when it was announced two weeks ago that he will play Moleman (or the pre-change version of him) on this new Fantastic Four reboot .


@krillgar - That's not really a barrier. Don't forget that Affleck (Daredevil) is hosting the new Batman movie and Chris Evans (Johnny Storm) is hosting the new Captain America films.


I agree with this point. I think it all depends on when Hulk 2 comes out. When they're close together, schedules can conflict. My only fear is that it won't go straight ahead without him being in another film.