Should I believe in Sade Sati

Sade sati

Yes, on December 24th, 2014 Saturn will enter the sign Sagittarius. Sade Sati is a period of 7.5 years in total, but their quality has to be interpreted more finely. With Saturn's walk into Sagittarius, Sade Sati now goes into the last third. So this remains for some time with the effects of Saturn, but correctly understood astrology means, in my opinion, not to submit to the planetary forces, but to master them and understand their lessons. You are in the 10th house in Sagittarius. There is now a career focus and dedicated work, but it takes effort and perseverance. Saturn's entry into the 10th house will be a significant Saturn transit, although still with tension, but you will master it! Saturn will leave Sagittarius in late 2017.

There the whole Shani Sade Sati cycles are described.
This is how exactly the whole thing happened ... Process of Scorpio Shani Sade Sati:
Must be with me earlier, because the moon is only about 3 degrees in Scorpion:
-> that's where the financial problems come from, I ride on the spare wheel of the spare wheel ..
Here are the individual signs, think they are the moon signs, i.e. the moon in the corresponding signs: