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Corona in Vietnam: All information about the situation on site. Is a vacation possible? What is the number of Covid19 cases? Information on entry, restrictions, curfews.

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Update: 05/19/2021 - Vietnam's fight against the spread of Covid19 has long been extremely successful. As a result of tough measures, there were only a few cases and no local infections for weeks.

Almost all restrictions in the country were lifted and domestic tourism was booming. But at the end of July the virus broke out in Da Nang, completely by surprise. Once again it was possible to contain the virus.

So far, the 3rd and 4th waves have followed in 2021. In each case, the reaction was taken with tough measures, which prevented larger outbreaks (so far).

The most beautiful destinations in Vietnam are currently only visited by locals. For the time being, however, the borders will remain closed to holidaymakers from other countries.

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Coronavirus Vietnam: Cases & Infection Numbers

Status on May 19, 2021:

  • 4,512 proven cases (+ 153 compared to the previous day)
  • 2,687 have recovered
  • 37 deaths

Source: CSIS South East Asia Covid19-Tracker

Coronavirus Vietnam: vaccinations

Percentage of people who have received at least one vaccination:

Coronavirus: Visa and Entry to Vietnam (Changes and Restrictions)

At the 15.03.2020 a general entry ban for Europeans (Schengen area) was imposed, later the Vietnam visa for tourists was completely suspended. Only a few groups of people are currently allowed to enter, such as diplomats, investors, highly qualified workers and family members of Vietnamese nationals.

A negative corona test is required for entry. After arrival in Vietnam, a 21-day quarantine in a quarantine facility (e.g. hotel) specified by the Vietnamese authorities is mandatory. This is followed by another week of “home quarantine” with health monitoring in your own accommodation or another hotel.

Foreigners who entered Vietnam after March 1st, 2020 will automatically and free of charge an extension of the residence permit up to; 01/31/2021. This also applies to travelers who entered the country before March 1, provided that they can prove that they were unable to leave the country due to the corona pandemic.

There were two Return flights for German tourists in Vietnam. The first started on the night of 5.4. on 6.4.2020, the second in the night of 7.4. on April 8th, 2020.

Air traffic to Vietnam

There is now international air traffic to Vietnam again. However, the machines are currently only transporting Vietnamese citizens stranded overseas due to COVID-19, as well as experts, skilled professionals, executives and some other groups of people.

National borders

In mid-May, six border crossings with China were opened to facilitate trade between the two countries.

The borders with Cambodia may reopen soon.

Corona in Vietnam: Information on the current situation in the country


In April 2020, the government asked all residents and guests of the country to stay at home. There were exit and contact restrictions, and gatherings of more than two people were prohibited. Only essential corridors such as the procurement of food and medication were allowed. In this way it was possible to quickly stop the spread of the infections.

This was also the procedure for other outbreaks (including July 2020 and January 2021). Rapid intervention and rigorous restrictions meant that the measures were short-lived.

Vietnam is currently fighting with the 4th wave. Restrictions and curfews can be expected where cases arise.

Public life

Public life is quite normal between the individual waves. Everything is open and events with large numbers of visitors are also taking place. A current infection situation is responded to with tough measures.

Of course, great importance is still attached to hygiene and distancing measures. In many places there is a general mask requirement.

Transport and traffic

In the course of the fight against Covid19, the transport system in Vietnam was massively restricted. In the meantime everything is running again, but there may be temporary restrictions.

Here you can find general information about:

Vietnam vacation despite Corona?

When can I go on vacation in Vietnam again?

There is a general entry ban for tourists. It is still unclear when this will be lifted again.

Vietnam, whose tourist numbers plummeted 98% during the pandemic, is currently focused on domestic tourism. A tourism promotion campaign called “Vietnamese People Travel in Vietnam” was launched in May 2020. Hotels and airlines have lowered their prices in order to reach new target groups.

Indeed, the country has seen a boom in domestic tourism in the past twelve months. Tourist attractions such as Halong Bay or Hoi An were increasingly visited by locals.

But what's next for international tourism?

The gradual opening to visitors from other Asian countries, who also have extremely low numbers of infections (“travel bubbles”), is a constant topic of discussion. Australia and New Zealand are also under discussion, but there has been no significant progress.

So far, considerations to open only individual areas or to allow vaccinated people into the country have been equally inconclusive.

It will take a while before backpacking in Vietnam is possible again.

It is unlikely that tourists from Europe will be allowed to enter Vietnam before the fourth quarter of 2021, more realistic is an opening sometime in 2022.

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Vietnam Coronavirus: News

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May 19, 2021 Vietnam: concerns about fourth wave

So far, Vietnam has gotten through the pandemic with few infections. However, the current fourth wave is causing the highest corona outbreak to date. In the meantime, more than 1,000 people have become infected.

In an international comparison, the values ​​are still low. Nevertheless, the government is currently trying all sorts of measures to contain the virus. There is great concern that a nationwide outbreak could occur.

In the meantime, two field hospitals have been built in the northern province of Bắc Ninh and in the province of Bắc Gi ,c in order to have additional beds available for Covid patients if necessary.

The vaccination program is still in its infancy, around 1% of the population has been vaccinated so far. Now Vietnam has bought another 31 million doses of the vaccine from the American company Pfizer.


03/18/2021: Vietnam: Is something moving?

Vietnam is examining the introduction of a Covid19 vaccination pass and the gradual resumption of international flights.

There have recently been calls from the tourism industry to open the country to vaccinated foreign visitors from the third quarter. Whether this is possible in the event of a negative PCR test without quarantine remains controversial. There are particularly critical voices from the Ministry of Health.


02/23/2021 Vaccination program in Vietnam in preparation

Vietnam starts its vaccination program in March. Delivery of around 60 million cans is expected this year.


02/01/2021 Vietnam: Fight against the virus

After the renewed Corona outbreak last week, the government is taking numerous measures to stop the spread as quickly as possible. The city of Chi Linh, home to 220,000 people, was cordoned off for 21 days. People who have been in close contact with coronavirus cases now have to be in quarantine for 21 days instead of 14.

In many places, celebrations and events for the upcoming New Year's festival (Tet) have already been canceled. Three field hospitals are set up in Hai Duong.

Meanwhile, someone in Hanoi tested positive for Covid19 for the first time. Schools were closed in response. The same goes for bars, karaoke shops and nightclubs.

01/28/2021 New corona outbreak in Vietnam

Vietnam is likely to face the third wave of corona. After 55 days without local infections, 82 cases were reported in just one day (and just before the Tet festival).

Numerous measures are already in progress to stop the spread. Among other things, Van Don Airport was closed.

Vu Duc Dam, the deputy prime minister, has already warned that the country will have to prepare for up to 30,000 cases.


01/06/2021 Vietnam is not considering resuming international flights

At the end of March last year, Vietnam suspended commercial international flights to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Government circles have now confirmed once again that a resumption is currently out of the question. International tourism activities would not resume until they were deemed safe.

There are currently only a limited number of flights, including those for business travelers and Vietnamese living abroad. Anyone entering the country will be quarantined for up to 14 days upon arrival.

In the meantime, the German embassy in Vietnam has announced that the residence permit for travelers who entered Vietnam without a visa, with an e-visa or visa for tourist purposes on or after March 1, 2020 will be automatically extended to January 31, 2021 (more information in the linked Message).



December 9th, 2020 Vietnam grants another automatic visa extension

Foreigners who entered the country after March 1, 2020 will receive a further automatic stay extension until December 31, 2020.


December 3rd, 2020 Vietnam stops all international flights

On the day after the first local Covid19 infection in more than 12 weeks, the Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc announced that all international (commercial) flights to Vietnam will be suspended for the time being.

An infected flight attendant did not adhere to the quarantine regulations and spread the virus.


08.09.2020 Vietnam before the return of international air traffic

After commercial international flights to and from Vietnam were banned for months as part of the anti-corona measures, the first flight connections are to be resumed as early as September.
The Vietnamese Civil Aviation Authority (CAAV) is proposing the approval of flights to and from Guangzhou, Seoul, Vientiane, Phnom Penh, Taipei and Tokyo.

It is calculated with the arrival of around 5,000 travelers per week. However, Vietnam has not yet reopened to tourists. The travelers who benefit if approved by the government will be business travelers.

Vietnam Airlines also resumed flight operations to and from Danang yesterday. The coastal city was temporarily cordoned off after a surprising Covid19 outbreak at the end of July.

Meanwhile, the spread seems to have stopped, and for the first time no new infection was detected in one day.


08/19/2020 Hanoi: More restrictions in public life

Since the renewed outbreak of corona infections at the end of July, the measures in Vietnam have been tightened again. The instructions vary from place to place and are based on the infection process.

In Hanoi, for example, staff in restaurants and cafés have to wear masks and measure customers' temperatures. There must be enough space between the tables. A mask must be worn in public places and people should only leave their homes when really necessary.


August 4th, 2020 Residence permit extended

For travelers who entered Vietnam from March 1st, 2020 without a visa, with an e-visa or visa for tourist purposes, the visa will be automatically extended until August 31, 2020. The exact conditions can be found here.


07/31/2020 Current developments in Vietnam

Of the 93 cases of Covid-19 transmission recorded in the past six days, 79 are from Da Nang, eight from Quang Nam, two from Hanoi, two from Ho Chi Minh City, one from Quang Ngai and one from the province Central Highlands from Dak Lak.

The authorities of Ho Chi Minh City ordered on Thursday that bars and discos should be closed from Friday until further notice due to new COVID-19 developments.

Meetings with more than 30 people are prohibited. Provinces and cities across Vietnam are urgently stepping up measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The first death in the country from Covid-19 was reported today.


07/30/2020 Coastal city of Da Nang cordoned off

The coastal city of Da Nang has been cordoned off for an initial 15 days since July 28, 2020 due to new COVID-19 infections. All public transport connections to and from Da Nang have been suspended.

Entering and leaving the province is only possible in exceptional cases. Across the country, various provinces, including the major cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, have ordered people returning from Da Nang in July 2020 to be isolated and to report to the local health authority.

In the neighboring province of Quang Nam, freedom of movement and assembly has been restricted from July 29, 2020 to August 13, 2020.


07/30/2020 Vietnam is preparing for another wave of Covid-19

Cases have now been announced in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and the highlands. All reported infections are related to the sudden outbreak in Da Nang a few days ago. Now the monitoring of the pandemic in the country is to be significantly tightened nationwide.


July 29, 2020 Vietnam reported eight new cases

Vietnam reported eight new cases of COVID-19 infections in the Da Nang region on July 29, 2020. There are now a total of 446 confirmed cases in the country, according to the Ministry of Health.

Thousands of Vietnamese tourists then cancel their already booked trips.


28.07.2020Vietnam has long been celebrated as a success story of the pandemic

Now, 15 new cases have emerged in the coastal city of Da Nang in the past five days. Tourists are not allowed to visit the city for 14 days and everyone who is still there is being flown out.

So far, joint activities and events have been banned, but the city has not yet been completely closed. The holiday island of Ly Son is also being evacuated - 2,600 travelers are on their way home.


07/27/2020 Corona outbreak in Da Nang

80,000 people are being dragged out of the city, mostly tourists, following a surprise Covid-19 outbreak in the coastal city of Da Nang.

Events, celebrations, sporting activities and much more are now prohibited, schools will be closed.


07/17/2020 International flight connections from August?

The Ministry of Transport in Vietnam has drawn up a proposal to start international flight connections to 6 countries in August (China, South Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Laos, Taiwan). The plan, which has yet to be approved, stipulates that there should initially be one flight per week per destination.

There is currently international air traffic to Vietnam. However, the machines only transport Vietnamese citizens, foreign diplomats, experts and skilled workers as well as goods to Vietnam.

According to the applicable regulations, arriving passengers and crew members must isolate themselves for 14 days.


07/01/2020 Vietnam: Automatic visa extension until the end of July

Foreign nationals stuck in the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic will receive an automatic and free visa extension until July 31, 2020.

This applies, among other things, to people who came to Vietnam after March 1st with an e-Visa or tourist visa.

Also foreigners who were born before 1.March will benefit as long as they can prove that they will not be able to leave the country due to the pandemic.


June 24th, 2020 Borders remain closed

Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc commented on the current situation with regard to vacation travel. He said: "The borders are still closed to foreign tourists as the government attaches great importance to protecting public health."

In order to revive the economy, the government has opened the borders to foreign experts, skilled workers and investors. At the same time, more flights are to be organized for the repatriation of Vietnamese citizens stranded abroad due to COVID-19.

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06/24/2020 No international flights until mid-September?

According to Vietnamese tourism experts, the resumption of international air traffic in July is unrealistic.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has also announced that Vietnam has not issued any approval for incoming flights for the period from June 16 to September 16, apart from special cases.


06/22/2020 Restrictions on travel between Vietnam and Japan will be relaxed

It was already becoming apparent that Vietnam will not reopen its borders to travelers across the board, but will negotiate bilateral agreements with individual states that have similarly low numbers of infections. With Japan, an agreement has now been reached as the first country to gradually relax travel restrictions between the two countries.


June 20, 2020 Thailand and Vietnam are no longer considered risk areas

Thailand and Vietnam are no longer listed as SARS-CoV-2 risk areas on the current list of the Robert Koch Institute. This means that quarantine is no longer required when entering Germany from both countries.

The following countries from Southeast Asia are currently still on the list of risk areas: Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Timor-Leste (East Timor)

And not the following: Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

We also report on some South Asian countries on this page. India and Sri Lanka are considered risk areas, the Maldives not.


06/11/2020 Will Vietnam Airlines fly to other countries again soon?

Vietnam Airlines is considering resuming international air traffic in July. For the time being, only other Asian destinations are under discussion (including South Korea, Laos, Cambodia) and tourists are also not allowed to enter the country, but at least this would be a further step.

May 28, 2020 Entry to Vietnam only from Corona-free countries?

At a meeting of the “National Steering Committee for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19” it was discussed that if the borders were to be opened, only tourists from countries in which no new corona cases had been reported for at least 30 days would be allowed into the country.


May 27, 2020 Opening of Vietnam from July 1st unlikely

Several news sites and travel blogs reported yesterday that Vietnam will reopen its borders to travelers from 80 countries from July. And the (happy) news spread like wildfire in many Facebook groups. Reference is made to this message on an official government website.

However, these are probably just adjustments as to which nationalities are generally entitled to apply for an e-Visa and at which airports and border crossings entry with an e-Visa is possible. However, there is no talk of lifting the travel restrictions.

Optimistic estimates currently assume that tourists will return in the 4th quarter of 2020 at the earliest.

Update: Here's confirmation that the limits Not open again on July 1st.


May 22, 2020 Free visa extension until the end of June

Foreigners who entered Vietnam after March 1st, 2020 will automatically be granted an extension of their residence permit up to June 30th free of charge. This also applies to travelers who entered the country before March 1, provided that they can prove that they were unable to leave the country due to the corona pandemic.


May 12, 2020 Vietnam: More and more restrictions are being lifted

In Vietnam, buses, taxis, trains, planes and boats will be allowed to operate again from Friday with the capacity and frequency as they were before the measures to contain COVID-19. And bars are also opening again.


04/23/2020 return flights from Vietnam

After the return program was completed, the German embassy in Vietnam created a list of the airlines with which a return journey to Germany is currently possible.


April 13th, 2020 Vietnam: More domestic flights again

Several Vietnamese airlines plan to increase their domestic flights again from April 16, 2020. These include Bamboo Airways and Vietjet Air. This is reported by VietNam News and VOV.

Update: The permission for additional flights has not yet been granted.


04/03/2020 Vietnam: New dates for return flights

Due to the great demand, there will be two return flights for German tourists in Vietnam. On the night of 5.4. on April 6th, 2020 as well as in the night of April 7th. on April 8th, 2020.

Both flights depart from Hanoi. After a stopover in Ho Chi Minh City, the journey continues to Frankfurt. Information at the German embassy in Hanoi.


04/01/2020 The date for the return flight from Vietnam is set

On April 4th, 2020 there will be a return flight from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Frankfurt. You can find all information about this on the website of the German embassy in Vietnam. The journey to both cities must be organized by yourself. Since there are hardly any usable means of transport, travelers should set off as quickly as possible, recommends the embassy.


03/31/2020 Vietnam: New exit and contact restrictions

New exit and contact restrictions apply in Vietnam. The government urges all residents and guests of the country to stay at home. Only essential corridors such as the procurement of food and medication are allowed.

A minimum distance of two meters is prescribed for personal contact. Gatherings of more than two people outside of workplaces, schools and hospitals are prohibited.

In addition, the transport of people, especially between different cities and municipalities, is further restricted. Visiting patients in hospitals is generally no longer possible. (Source: German Embassy in Hanoi)


March 30, 2020 Transport in Vietnam severely restricted

As of today, the Vietnamese government has imposed restrictions on passenger transport within Vietnam. So there are only the following Flight connections with one flight per day per airline:

  • Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City - Hanoi
  • Hanoi - Da Nang - Hanoi
  • Hanoi - Phu Quoc - Hanoi
  • Ho Chi Minh City - Da Nang - Ho Chi Minh City
  • Ho Chi Minh City - Phu Quoc - Ho Chi Minh City

Train connections with the exception of the Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City - Hanoi route (twice a day) have been discontinued.

Private bus company are only allowed to transport up to nine people at the same time, apart from approved exceptional cases. Regular buses to and from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City now only run a maximum of twice a day, each with a maximum of 20 passengers.

The German embassy in Vietnam advises all individual travelers to go to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City as soon as possible. If you are already in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you should try to find an option to return to Germany there, as moving to the other city could be associated with greater problems.

A return campaign for Vietnam is currently being examined. The embassy asks that those wishing to leave the country register on so that the need can be assessed.


March 27, 2020 Return campaign for Vietnam is being examined

If you are still in Vietnam and want to go home, you should register at In addition, the German Embassy writes: "We recommend all individual tourists who are not yet in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to go to the cities mentioned immediately."

Here you can find the entire call of the embassy.


March 14th, 2020 Vietnam Airlines will no longer carry passengers from Frankfurt to Vietnam. Further home flights are possible.

At the request of the Vietnamese government, Vietnam Airlines will no longer carry passengers from London, Paris and Frankfurt to Vietnam from March 15, 2020. However, the flights from Vietnam to Europe will operate as usual to allow the return of European passengers.

On March 14, 2020, the flights to Vietnam can still be carried out according to plan. However, these will be rerouted and landed in Van Don and Can Tho in order to comply with the quarantine regulations.

All affected passengers have the option of requesting a rebooking or change of route without a rebooking fee or a cancellation without a cancellation fee.

Passengers who have purchased their flight ticket from a travel agency, tour operator or online portal should contact the relevant office.

Passengers who have purchased their ticket directly on or via the Vietnam Airlines app can send their request by email to [email protected]


03/13/2020 Vietnam closes borders for Europeans

From March 15th, 2020, there will be an entry ban for travelers from Europe (Schengen area). This is what the Vietnamese embassy reports:


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