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The Japanese terms Manga (Comics) and Anime (short for animation, cartoons) in Japan refer to comics and cartoons in general, but have established themselves in the West as specific terms of pop culture and here exclusively refer to Japanese comics and cartoons. Many travelers to Japan are looking for a way to immerse themselves in this colorful world of characters and comics.

Of course there are a number of possibilities for the interested fan to rediscover his hobby in Japan. In almost all of the larger cities there is an opportunity for extensive shopping for so-called "character goods", fan articles for popular comics, series or video games. There are many supraregional and regional chain stores and shops for the exclusive trade with new goods, but also with well-preserved second-hand goods. Anime fans can not only get the latest from the latest here, but with a little luck also items that have been out of print for years. Japan is a collector's paradise and the mega-metropolis Tokyo is the first port of call for fans.

Akihabara - Electric Town and Otaku District

In Akihabara, the Tokyo Anime Center invites you to become the starting point for such a shopping and sightseeing tour with an exciting calendar of events.

Akihabara is not only an interesting shopping address for fans of anime. Video gamers and fans of Japanese games get their money's worth here. Whether Nintendo or Sony, it is offered in Akihabara. Various guided tours through Akihabara have been offered for some time. Themed cafes are a big topic in Japan. Some anime and manga cafés only exist for a short time, as a publicity stunt in the cafes of department stores and galleries, and then offer colorful drinks and snacks in the style of the series. In Akihabara there is a Gundam Café for fans of the famous giant robots. For fans of the mechas, a visit to the Odaiba district is even more worthwhile. Dorst stands in front of the Diver City Tokyo Plaza shopping center a life-size Gundam robot - since 2017 a 1: 1-scale replica of the 19.7m high RX-0 Unicorn Gundam from the Gundam Unicorn series, which transforms from Unicorn to Destroy mode at different times of the day and also one in the evening offers nice light show.

Ikebukuro - The Manga Shopping Paradise

Ikebukuro is not just a well-known shopping area and next to Akihabara another meeting place for anime and manga fans. The Sunshine City shopping complex already has various shops with character goods and merchandise on the second floor, such as the Pokémon Center MEGA TOKYO, KiddLand and AniCute. The Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 is also located in Ikebukuro.

The obvious one is even more interesting, especially for female fansOtome Road(Mädchenstrasse), as a district west of the Sunshine 60 building is called, where many shops specializing in women fans are concentrated. This is also the headquarters of the Animate Shops, which can be found in many cities in Japan.

More about Otome Road.

Further points of contact in Tokyo and the surrounding area

Another special place to browse is Nakano Broadway, which can be easily reached in 5 minutes from Shinjuku with the JR Chuo Line. Numerous shops specializing in anime goods and cosplay come together in this shopping complex.

The city of Tokyo has provided an information sheet for anime fans here.

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