What are your favorite men's bracelets

Sail rope & leather bracelets

“More than 7 billion people and for one of them this bracelet is: for you. It wears your size, your favorite colors and is your constant companion from now on. Straight from our hands on your wrist. "

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From the workshop. Not from the factory.

Everything we do, we do with passion. Because all we want are special bracelets. That is why we produce small in Cologne instead of large overseas. We take time for the selection of our materials and for each individual work step; for cutting, pressing, gluing, engraving, turning, constructing and checking. As a result, we may be able to produce fewer quantities, but more quality. And we think that's fair, especially to you.

The bracelet models in comparison

Three bracelets.
And always the right choice.
At Fischers Fritze you can choose your favorite bracelet and you will always choose the right one. Because each of our bracelets is valuable handcraft in many fine steps. You will feel it as soon as you make up your mind.
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