What is your craziest airline experience

Hungry for airplane food? Airlines are creatively fighting the crisis and delivering food to your home

The nostalgia for traveling and the wanderlust and air travel keep increasing. The airlines react and have airplane meals delivered directly to their customers' homes. The craziest thing about it: The food tray, which is often viewed critically, sells really well in times of Corona!

The American airline Jetblue was the pioneer here: In order to counteract food waste, it started, together with the company Imperfect Food, in May 2020 to offer snack packs made from cheese, crackers and dried cherries or tomatoes for a reduced price of USD 2.99 for sale within America. 40,000 cheese and snack trays were sold. Leftover snacks were donated to local hospitals and organizations.

What was initially an emergency plan with a sustainable ulterior motive became a trend for many airlines in 2020: Whether Israeli and oriental specialties from TAMAM Kitchen from El Al Airlines, Royal Jordanian and Turkish Airlines, Dutch Stroop waffles from United Airlines, Indonesian dishes from Garuda Indonesia or cheap Multi-deliveries of frozen on-board meals from the airline caterer Gate Gourmet - many airlines around the world are currently trying to use up their supplies and snacks and earn a little extra in the process.

A truly authentic on-board experience naturally also includes the tray, an aluminum box, bowls with salad and desert and plastic cutlery. Add a tomato juice with salt and pepper and off you go!

In order to be able to visually simulate your travel experience from home - including porthole windows with a view - you can be inspired by the Chinese: There has recently been a trend called "Fake Plane Challenge" on social media channels. Here photos are published on Instagram in which the aircraft window with its view has been simulated. The most curious aids are used for this - for example a toilet seat. Simply select a photo above the clouds as the TV screen background and hold / mount a toilet seat in front of it and you have already recreated your airplane window. At least in one photo, that seems amazingly realistic.

In Germany we haven't heard of any airline that sells airplane food. But that might just be a matter of time. Because the "flight pain" and the desire to travel is at least as great here as anywhere else. It would of course be much nicer if we were served the next airplane meal in the air again ...