Is RHCE certification worth it or not

One criterion is of course the prices. Really - it couldn't be more hidden. You can't find anything on the official pages or you can't find it with search and Google. Oh yes, either finds the official pages, although the search terms like costs, cost, fee and price do not appear in the results, or the information is completely out of date or no information at all

At LPI I had to search a lot and I didn't find anything on the official website despite a long search. Are the prices I googled of 80 euros for 1 and 2 and 100 euros for 3?

At RHCE, according to the FAQ, it's probably $ 400.

At SuSe it seems to be $ 125.

IBM sites are a maze beyond compare. However, there is much evidence that IBM is taking the LPI directly. No trace of prices.

What at The providers of intensive courses, study vacations and conferences are of course causing a lot of confusion. In any case, as far as prices are concerned, there must be more transparency and sensible information on the original pages.

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