Streetwear is going out of style

Street fashion trends

«What does the current streetwear look like? »

Streetwear is more than just comfortable casual fashion. Street fashion is lifestyle. The main thing here is to express your personality in a casual way - with flexible designs and individual details. We present the current fashion trends on the street and tell you how you too can put together an appealing streetwear outfit in the current style.

Urban looks for leisure

Streetwear is casual wear that evolved from California's surf and skate culture in the 1980s. In the 90s, when skateboarding in particular became increasingly popular, streetwear became a ubiquitous term - and a fad. The sporty background characterizes the looks that one expects from a street-style outfit: hoodies, t-shirts and sneakers play a central role here. Expressive prints and accessories such as baseball caps and sweatbands are also welcome.

But not only outfits that are based on sportswear belong to street fashion. More and more feminine features are pushing into street style fashion. The skater dress is a wonderful example. And instead of sports shoes, casual slippers, for example, can be worn. Because: the road is there for everyone!

The individual pieces of clothing combine their always casual charisma with a youthful touch. Freedom and unrestricted, individualistic and distinctive - this is how today's perfect streetwear outfit looks. How you can create such a style yourself and which current fashion trends you can pick up on, you can find out in our article.

Street fashion - enjoyment of personal expression

In an outfit for the street, you should primarily be able to feel comfortable. This not only means that you should attach great importance to the high comfort of the materials and cuts. Rather, it is particularly important that you can present yourself confidently with your chosen clothing. Because the core of street style is authenticity. So choose cuts and colors that give you a good, energetic feeling and have fun experimenting with original looks!

The essentials

As already mentioned, hoodies and sneakers are typical features of a successful street-style outfit. Below is a complete list of all the elements that go perfectly with modern street fashion:

The abundance of different items of clothing shows how much freedom you have when creating a modern street-style outfit. You will now find out how to put together cool, complete looks from the individual components.

Street fashion for summer

When it's pleasantly warm outside, we spend a lot of time outdoors. During this time, the street style can unfold in all its glory. Choose clothes with a casual fit that you enjoy!

Summer look for men

A stylish streetwear outfit doesn't need much more than a T-shirt, wide-cut trousers and cool sneakers. For the top, for example, choose a model with a striking print to add visual variety to the look. Light colors and breathable materials are recommended on particularly hot, sunny days. So you feel pleasantly cool and fresh for longer.

With a colorful bum bag that you carry across your upper body, you create an eye-catcher that expresses your fashion consciousness. Apart from the attractive look, you can stow personal items more securely in the bag than in your trouser pocket. This is especially useful when you want to skate or play basketball

For example, you can wear a brightly colored sweatshirt over this look on warm summer nights.

Carefree outfits for women

The combination of shirt and jeans is of course also a variant that is suitable for women. Make sure there is a high percentage of stretch in the material if you prefer a narrow cut for the trousers. Instead of a t-shirt you can also wear a fashionable crop top, instead of jeans you can wear elastic treggings.

Skirts and dresses can also be combined for appealing street fashion. You can recognize skater dresses and skater skirts by their high waist and a wide flared skirt that usually ends above the knees. Again, choose a model with elastane in the material. So you can always move freely.

Sandals are a wonderfully feminine alternative to trendy chunky sneakers. In the spirit of the nineties, these are actually worn with white socks again - by women as well as men. The look of a cotton or jute bag goes well with this.

Winter fashion for the street

Street fashion for the transitional period and for winter is characterized by functionality. Pay attention to materials that reliably protect against moisture, wind and cold. So you can feel comfortably dry and warm for a long time on the road.

Warm street fashion for women

Parkas and boots are among the it-pieces of streetwear for dreary autumn and winter days. While the well-lined coat with hood keeps you warm for a long time, the shoes with thick relief soles protect against wetness and slipperiness.

The combination of wide hooded jackets and lace-up boots can look quite clunky. If you are particularly small, a trendy short quilted jacket can be an advantageous alternative to a coat. Slim-cut skinny jeans or leggings with a percentage of wool will definitely define your silhouette.

Bring a bit of glamor into a cold gray day by opting for shiny metallic details.

Street styles for men

Men also wear parkas and boots on cold, wet days. In keeping with the popular onion principle, boot-cut jeans and a warm hoodie over a T-shirt go well with such an outfit. Hoodies with sporty prints ensure exciting moments. A beanie with a wide turn-up completes the look.

Street fashion with character

Rely on your personal feeling of comfort, fashion and style when choosing your streetwear outfit. You can follow conventions and rules elsewhere. We wish you a relaxed free time!

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