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IOTA forecast (MIOTA) 2021 to 2025

That moves the IOTA course in May

Most crypto investors assume that the overall market will develop positively in the coming years. And since the Corona crash, this mood has been reflected in the rates of the crypto currencies. Since its introduction in June 2017, IOTA and its native MIOTA token have been particularly interesting projects.

But can investors expect prices to rise? We take a close look at that IOTA forecast for 2021 to 2025 and clarify whether the IoT Coin is really a worthwhile investment in the long term.

The most important Bitcoin news in May

  • Current price development & scenario
  • Reputation system “Mana” enters the Tangle
  • New partnerships with the Japanese government
  • IOTA is used to verify corona tests

Current price development & scenario

The MIOTA rate is currently at 1.37 US dollars (as of March 13, 2021). Since the beginning of the year, IOTA has recorded a strong price increase of over 200 percent. Analogous to the entire crypto market, the IOTA course is on the rise. The current rate is just below the weekly high of $ 1.50. But not only the Bitcoin serves as a price driver in the case of IOTA. Rather, the highly invested cryptocurrency itself can make positive headlines. In the last few weeks, the variable application possibilities of the innovative project became apparent in various scenarios.

Current developments

One of the main goals of the current developments is to convert IOTA into an independent and decentralized network. The Coordicide, the end of the Tange Coordinator, is already in the starting blocks. Now the reputation system “Mana” has been added to the protocol. Mana is an important step towards decentralization. First of all, the new reputation system is to be tested for bugs and inconsistencies in the Pollen test network. The technology behind Mana is similar to how a proof-of-stake algorithm works. If a node successfully processes a transaction, it receives mana in return and its trust increases. The long-term goal is to build a fast network in which reliable and high-performance nodes take over the processing.

In May 2021, the Chrysalis upgrade was also transferred to the IOTA mainnet. This is how the developers behind IOTA initiate the Coordicide. The upgrade improves the performance of the Tangle many times over. So that HODLers can continue to use their tokens in the new version 1.5 of IOTA, a migration must be carried out and the new Firefly Wallet downloaded. We have summarized everything worth knowing in a corresponding article.

New partnerships

Partnerships have always been an important topic for the Berlin-based IOTA Foundation. Hardly any other cryptocurrency has seen such price jumps in the past in the course of new partnerships. In addition to many partnerships with private companies, the IOTA Foundation will now support a major project by the Japanese government. The Tangle, a modified form of a classic blockchain, is to serve as a comprehensive storage medium in this project. With the project, the Japanese government wants to improve the longevity of machines from various industrial sectors.

As in previous years, 2020 showed that IOTA is particularly popular with companies doing research in the field of distributed ledger technology. This is underlined by the many patents on IOTA, which were also registered with the patent offices in 2021. Companies registered numerous patents based on the IOTA protocols. Including well-known corporations such as Innogy, Siemens, RWE, Intel and Merck. Nothing has changed about that this year either. According to the IOTA Foundation, over 300 patents have already been registered. Should the companies succeed in converting these patents into real use cases, some products based on the Tangle could conquer the market in the future.

IOTA in the Corona crisis

One of the great advantages of IOTA and the Tangle is the flexible use. Apart from the “Internet of Things”, IOTA has a large number of use cases. This is evident not only in the numerous patents, but also in the current use to combat corona. Frankfurt Airport, Germany's largest airport, will use IOTA to verify corona tests in the future. More precisely, the airport works with the company UBIRCH, which uses IOTA's Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). An explicit reference to the use of blockchain technology can be seen on the test results of the tests, which travelers have to carry out immediately before and after arrival. One of the developers at IOTA confirmed the truthfulness of the burgeoning message in social media.

IOTA (MIOTA): The Basics

Before we can take a look at the actual IOTA forecast, we would like to take a closer look at the company behind it and its goals and solutions.

IOTA is an open source project that was founded in 2015. The focus is on the Internet of Things (IoT), which should ensure machine-to-machine communication. With the help of IOTA, the networked devices should record and execute automatic transactions.

The IOTA Foundation would like to become the new standard solution in the IoT sector. The interest of large corporations such as Bosch or Volkswagen shows that the business model also offers added value from the industry's point of view.

IOTA forecast: these factors are decisive

Basically, it applies to every crypto project that numerous factors influence the development and the attitude of the community. Even for a project like IOTA, which currently has no relevant competition, the overall situation must be considered.

How IOTA differs from other projects

Often, investors at IOTA speak of a blockchain project. However, this is not correct because the IOTA platform is based on one decentralized acyclic graphs (DAG). IOTA officially calls the DAG Tangle. Consequently, the Tangle is not a blockchain, but a distributed ledger technology.

Objectively speaking, the Tangle also has several advantages that distinguish it from a classic blockchain. These include:

  1. Infinite scalability
  2. No transaction fees
  3. Higher network speed
  4. Support of offline transactions

The competitive situation at IOTA

The Internet of Things is considered to be one of the most promising developments of the coming years. Despite this interesting market, there is currently no real alternative to IOTA. However, we are also looking at a market that is still in its infancy. Accordingly, new projects can still be created and established. Nevertheless, there is currently no other project with comparable functions and services.

In the short term, another adaptation of IOTA is important to drive growth. In the long term, on the other hand, the IOTA Foundation must succeed in establishing the IOTA industry standard. Sergey Ivancheglo, also known as Come-from-Beyond (CFB), is rather skeptical about the project's prospects. However, it must also be said in this context that CFB left the company in summer 2019.

From Ivancheglo's point of view, the Tangle is not armed against quantum computers. Accordingly, the founder sees the danger of enemy attacks. In addition, the Atomic Swaps are negative for the usability of IOTA on small devices. According to CFB, these could potentially fall off the Tanglenet. Finally, Ivancheglo is also skeptical about scalability, as the company is now using static IOTA addresses.

To counteract this development, the founding member would like to call on the community to change the leadership of the project. Since a hard fork is not possible, investors should exchange the old MIOTA for new MIOTA at a ratio of 1: 1. In a vote, however, it became quite clear that the community is against such a coin exchange:

Will you participate in @c___f___b new ICO clone of the IOTA foundation $ IOTA coin and #IOTA protocol?

Swap your current $ IOTA for his new to be released coin?

- DLT_Novice: Respect the distribution .. (@ PeterInAsia1) March 11, 2020

Demand and market potential

According to various expert statements, the Internet of Things, referred to in English as the Internet of Things, is one of the future fields of the modern economy. In the future, almost all devices should communicate with each other and in this way enable completely new use cases.

The potential of IOTA as a means of payment in a networked world is therefore almost unlimited. For this reason, the IOTA Foundation also focuses on different sectors in which its own technology can be used. Efforts are currently being made in the following areas:

  1. Automotive and mobility industry:
    Our well-known mobility is about to change. Autonomous vehicles, new drive concepts and numerous new mobility concepts are pouring into the market. In the future, the different vehicles will have to make billions of transactions. MIOTA can play an important role in this.
  2. E-Health:
    The healthcare market is also considered to be one of the growth sectors of the future. New care concepts are already being established and modern machines enable better diagnosis of complex clinical pictures. Digitized health records based on IOTA can ensure better management of access rights.
  3. Smart Cities:
    Numerous large cities want to transform themselves into smart cities. This includes intelligent street layouts, adjusted speed limits, and automatic air measurements. This also includes new supply concepts such as smart grids for energy supply or charging stations with modern payment concepts.
  4. Smart Home:
    New residential units already have numerous smart home functions. A big risk with a smart home, however, is security, because even a good firewall does not offer comprehensive protection. Accordingly, a technology like IOTA could provide more security in this area.
  5. Industry 4.0:
    One of the most important fields of application for IOTA is Industry 4.0. In the industrial environment in particular, there are numerous machines and robots that could communicate with each other in the future. For example, the entire manufacturing process for the devices could be monitored using IOTA. Rolf Werner, Managing Director of Fujitsu, also sees the potential of the tangle as gigantic. The technology could enable counterfeit-proof supply chains and secure identity management.

An overview of important collaborations

However, in addition to the actual sectors, cooperations with relevant industry representatives also play a correspondingly large role in long-term success. We would like to cite extracts from some of the most important partnerships.

  • SAP:
    The most valuable company in Germany not only focuses on its own software, but also cooperates with IOTA to improve the use cases for its own cloud solution. Already today, users can send IoT data to the Tangle with SAP HANA XSA.
  • Software AG:
    The company recently announced that it was planning a long-term cooperation with IOTA. The reason is the long-term potential of the technology.
  • Volkswagen: Volkswagen is also one of the well-known cooperation partners of IOTA. The former CDO, Johann Jungwirth, is a board member of the Foundation. For VW, the potential in the modern mobility market is immense.
  • Bosch:
    IOTA also has a cooperation with Bosch, one of the leading suppliers to the automotive industry. Bosch would like to establish the technology for microtransactions. As a member of the IOTA marketplace, Bosch is pushing ahead with the adaptation of the technology.

IOTA forecast: further developments influence IOTA

The planned developments play a major role in the IOTA community. After all, these should exploit the potential of the technology and thus promote adaptation.

The focus is currently on the following developments:

  • Coordicide:
    The Coordicide Alphanet is currently under development. The Coordicide is currently going according to plan and is expected to start in the first half of 2021.
  • Qubic:
    After the work invested in Qubic, the IOTA Foundation announced that the further development will not be pushed forward for the time being.
  • Smart contracts:
    Instead of Qubic, the focus is now on smart contracts. The Foundation has already published a corresponding proof of concept as a GoShimmer plug-in.
  • Further developments:
    The IOTA Foundation's roadmap shows that there will be more publications this year. These include client libraries for the most important programming languages, new versions of the Trinity wallet and a first version of the brand new Firefly wallet.

The Coordicide is probably the most important milestone on the IOTA roadmap. In April 2021, the IOTA Foundation set the course for Coordicide with the Chrysalis upgrade. The upgrade, also known as IOTA 1.5, is intended to improve the performance of the Tangle and introduces so-called colored coins.

The # Chrysalis # token migration starts now!
Use #Firefly to migrate your tokens smoothly.

The new # IOTA # network is coming.
A new level of enterprise readiness by:
Higher security.
Higher speeds.
Higher energy efficiency.
PS: still feeless # ANewDawnhttps: //t.co/kAwar7V5xIpic.twitter.com/rabN1I6U1f

- IOTA (@iota) April 21, 2021

IOTA forecast: this is how IOTA could develop in 2021

After disputes within the IOTA Foundation and unclear partnership relationships with large corporations in the past caused a bad image, Dominik Schiener and his colleagues were able to put IOTA back into perspective. Recently, IOTA could only impress with positive headlines and the price of the MIOTA token rose sharply in 2021.

The forecasts of leading experts also show that IOTA is expected to be a successful year in 2021. We have summarized the price predictions for the year 2021 below:


$ 3.10


$ 3.68


$ 6.96

IOTA forecast 2021 to 2025: This is what the experts expect

Admittedly, a forecast is not a reliable promise for the further course development. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways to forecast the further development of an asset. Let's take a look at the pronosis of several experts, then the consensus shows that MIOTA gains in value in the long term.

However, there are also experts who are critical. The AI-based service Walletinvestor.com expects the price to be quoted at $ 0.131 by the end of the year. The coin is currently trading at $ 0.18. Accordingly, there is a downward potential of around 28%. By 2023, the coin could lose a total of 95% of its current value.

However, Walletinvestor's assessment is a technical analysis. Accordingly, quality factors such as developments, collaborations and potential are not applied. This is why other forecasting websites come to a completely opposite assessment of the MIOTA price. In detail it looks like this:

Longforecast.com: The experts at Longforecast.com, who are often rather skeptical in the long term, also consider IOTA to be successful in the short term, but are pessimistic in the long term. Prices are forecast to be just under $ 4 as early as 2021. According to the experts, the year 2022 is the most successful year of the forecast. Here the analysts see an IOTA price of over US $ 5 for realistic. In the following, however, the experts assume a continuous price decline, which will ultimately lead the IOTA rate to just over 1 US dollar in 2025.

CoinPriceForecast: IOTA considers the forecast from CoinPriceForecast to be a worthwhile investment in the long term. Already this year a rate of just under 7 US dollars is predicted. That would be an increase of 239% in 2021. In the next two years, CoinPriceForecast expects the price to double again before the IOTA price explodes in 2024 and 2025. The price is predicted to reach $ 27.80 by 2025.

TradingBeasts: If we follow the assessment of TradingBeasts, then investors cannot expect any significant changes in 2021. The high for 2021 is $ 2.54. In the following years, however, the experts assume that the share price will rise slightly. Experts expect a rate of well over 3 US dollars as early as 2023. In 2024 they are forecasting a price just above 4 US dollars, which should make IOTA an exciting investment for long-term investors.

Digitalcoinco.uk: The IOTA forecast for 2021 to 2025 is very positive overall. Compared to the forecast by CoinPriceForecast, however, the experts are significantly more cautious. An exchange rate of $ 3.10 is forecast for 2021, which will continue to rise in 2022 and 2023. In 2024, IOTA will finally reach a price level of over US $ 5. In the last year of the IOTA forecast from Digitalcoin Genealogie, the price finally rises to 6.20 US dollars.