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International conversion table for ring sizes in Germany

Simply with our international ring size table find out the size using the inner diameter (∅ mm). The conversion table for rings takes into account the dimensions valid in Germany. It facilitates the conversion of sizes used in America and Canada (USA / CAN), England (UK), France and the EU (FRA / EU) or Japan (JPN).
The ring size - which you specify when ordering - corresponds to the German size specification.

Table for conversion into German sizes (inner diameter ∅ mm):

12,7400C.1.4 (1)0,2
13,0411C 1/21.8 (1-)1,1
13,3422D 1/22.2 (2)2,1
13,7433E 1/22.6 (2-)3,1
14,0444F.3.0 (2-)4,0
14,3455G3.4 (3)5,0
14,6466G 1/23.7 (3-)5,9
14,9477H 1/24.1 (4)6,9
15,3488I 1/24.5 (4-)7,8
15,6499J4.9 (4-)8,8
15,95010K5.3 (5)9,7
16,35111K 1/25.7 (5-)10,7
16,65212L 1/26.1 (6)11,6
16,95313M 1/26.4 (6)12,6
17,25414N6.8 (6-)13,6
17,55515O7.2 (7)14,5
17,85616P7.6 (7-)15,5
18,25717P 1/28.0 (7-)16,4
18,55818Q 1/28.4 (8)17,4
18,85919R.8.7 (8-)18,3
19,16020S.9.1 (9)19,3
19,46121T9.5 (9-)20,2
19,76222T 1/29.9 (9-)21,2
20,16323U 1/210.3 (10)22,2
20,46424V.10.7 (10-)23,1
20,76525W.11.0 (11)24,1
21,06626X11.4 (11)25,0
21,36727X 1/211.8 (11-)26,0
21,66828Y 1/212.2 (12)26,9
22,06929Z 1/212.6 (12-)27,9
22,37030Z +113.0 (12-)28,8

Save and take with you: The ring size table as a free PDF (61 KB).

Change the size of the ring? With us for free!

We want you to be completely satisfied with the piece of jewelry you have purchased from us. If you accidentally ordered a ring in the wrong size, that's no problem. One of our services is one one-time free ring size change for non-engraved rings, of course. We will also cover the costs for the return for you. All you have to do is determine the right ring size, we'll do the rest!

The free shipping processing is very easy with our Returns portal.

Note: When we have received your piece of jewelery, we need around 3-5 working days to change the ring size. If you want a ring size change by more than 2 ring sizes or the ring is already engraved, processing can take up to 7 working days.

Since engraved rings can usually not be changed, we charge a processing fee of € 35 for changes in the size of engraved rings.