Why are backlinks important for link building

Why backlinks are so important

Until April 2012, building links for a website was one of the hard work - good if you have a few links, but it wasn't that important. For the sake of simplicity, it was mainly restricted to entries in web catalogs and directories.

But that changed suddenly at the end of April 2012 when Google released the so-called Penguin update: overnight, the entire Google index was re-evaluated and rated according to the newly defined criteria. Top optimized pages of large and medium-sized companies suddenly found themselves many places further down. It was definitely a small earthquake that shook the industry.

It quickly became apparent and was then published by Google in such a way that the number and quality of backlinks are a basic criterion for top rankings on Google from now on. Not that everything so far is now negligible, the weighting and importance of backlinks is one of the more important criteria.

The thought behind this concept

... is that search engines like Google assume that a website must be important if many other websites link to this page. If several websites have been optimized for the same search term, then the page with the best backlinks gets the best ranking.

What exactly is a backlink?

This is a link (= reference) back to the website that is given in this link. In connection with the link building, however, it is crucial that it is a "follow" link.
That means just registering yourself or your website somewhere and leaving the link to the website is no longer enough. Over the past few years, numerous directories, blogs and forums have switched to setting their outbound links to "no follow". Such a link is clickable and also leads to the destination, but a search engine robot will not follow this link - it is therefore not a reference back to the website mentioned, i.e. no longer a relevant backlink.

Nevertheless, “no follow” links are also good, because they are part of the natural link building that Google rates. Nobody has only “follow” links, because of course I don't look in the source text to see whether the links on this page are follow or non-follow before I leave a comment.

Backlinks should also be optimized

However, the number of backlinks is not the only decisive factor. It is also important that the linking and the linked page are thematically related (does not mean the entire website, a thematically appropriate individual page within a site is sufficient). The best example of this are blogs, for example. These often have general designations or the name of the operator. Only the sub-pages then contain the individual topics with numerous contents.

It is also ideal if the link texts contain the relevant search terms in different variations.