What are spiritual superpowers

How to ignite your spiritual superpowers


One of my main discoveries was when I came up with:

If you really want to help others in the long term, you have to be able to help too! First of all yourself. Otherwise you will burn yourself out.

But knowing this does not mean that you can act accordingly .... (how was that with the neural connections of our imprints and early conditioning ?!)

How often have I betrayed my own (true) needs, ideals and values ​​(yes, I didn't even know them for a long time), made them small, kept them small and dimmed my lights. Everything so as not to offend, not to offend others; to appear too selfish, petty or even greedy.

Be the good one! I could. I was perfectly conditioned for this role!

I know very well what it means and how high the price (can be) for it is! But I also learned which switches and levers we can and urgently should flip.

In the free 7-day Facebook online training, we will devote ourselves intensively to these levers. You will get to know the basic principles of life from which happiness, fulfillment, prosperity, health and greater inner freedom arise and ignite your "spiritual superpowers".

When you no longer dim your lights and no longer have “the best in you” in the world
would like to withhold, do not miss this opportunity!

That's how it's done:

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