Can people feel energy

Energy work - balance for body, mind and soul

What forms of energy work are there?

One of the goals of energy work is that you come back into contact with yourself, feel your feelings and needs, perceive your thoughts and free yourself from the expectations of others. You can only use your full potential on all three levels of body, mind and soul if you concentrate fully on yourself and your inner voice. There are different forms of energy work to achieve this:

1. Aura purification

The aura is the energy field that surrounds the body. The aura consists of different layers and is constantly changing. The body is the focus, the second layer stands for thoughts and mental processes, the third layer forms the transition into a spiritual dimension. This subtle energy surrounding the body is not visible to the naked eye, but many perceive it as a positive or negative radiation from a person. The direction in which the aura tends is strongly related to the chakras and the possible blockages of the energy centers. To cleanse the aura of negative energies, you can learn mindfulness, for example, exercise a lot in the fresh air, nourish yourself with unpolluted foods rich in vital substances, smoke the apartment with white sage and surround yourself with loved ones.

2. Energy work in yoga

In the meantime, yoga is very widespread in the western world and everyone has already made their experiences with the relaxation technique. A large area of ​​Indian teaching deals with the life energy Prana and the activation of the chakras, i.e. the energy centers of the body. If one or more of the seven chakras are blocked, the flow of energy is disturbed and illnesses, malaise and limitations in mental performance can occur. The blockages can be released and the flow of energy improved through breathing techniques and targeted asanas.

3. Far Eastern energy work

Chinese energy work is about getting the chi, the life energy, flowing again. The whole body is pervaded by meridians through which the chi flows. Targeted movement, breathing, meditation and lifestyle should help to keep the life energy in balance. Good practices are Qi Gong and Tai Chi, which lead to health, well-being, creativity and mental clarity.

4. Reiki

This form of energetic healing comes from Japan and has been practiced there for thousands of years. Over a hundred years ago, the Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui re-developed the forgotten healing method through a spiritual inspiration and developed it further. The aim of Reiki is to activate the universal life energy by laying on hands on different parts of the body, to release blockages and to bring the physical body and soul into harmony. When the hand is laid on, the energy flows through the giver into the body of the recipient.

5. Cosmogenetic Healing

The energy work according to Jana Haas concentrates on the spirituality and the release of old blockages that burden the thoughts and emotions. In her seminars she gives instructions on how you can strengthen your soul and find inner peace. Through love and trust in a higher guidance, it is possible to say goodbye to old patterns and conflicts and to arrive in the here and now full of joy and energy.

6. Russian energy methods

The energy work according to Vadim Tschenze is based on the healing knowledge of Russian shamans. Through traditional rituals and practices you will learn to activate your energy centers, recharge your batteries, bring your soul into harmony, promote your self-healing powers and free yourself from negative energies. The key to more energy is a healthy soul, because only then will you find your way back to your center.

The primary goal of all methods is a kind of spiritual enlightenment that leads to the harmonization of body, mind and soul. Since every person has a different access to the different levels, you should choose a method that you can trust immediately. Don't let the abstract idea of ​​energy work scare you off and give it a try. The reward for the courage is new knowledge about you and at the end of the way more joy and satisfaction.