What Are Some Good 30 Minute Recipes

Hello after work! 24 quick 30 minute recipes

Fast with fish and meat

Fish finger burger with wavy fries

What was good as a child is still good years later. But why not pimp those beloved fish fingers? Just build yourself a fish burger. Comfortably nestled between lettuce, garlic mayonnaise, pickles and onions, the chopsticks make your palate buds dance at the end of the day. To the recipe

Spanish albondigas with papas arrugadas

Even if it's gray on gray outside, there is a simple recipe for conjuring up Spanish summer sunshine on your plate in just under 30 minutes: Albondigas - a classic Spanish tapas. At the foodistas, juicy meatballs are bathed in a tomato sauce with chilli and sherry. There are also potatoes with a salt crust. To the recipe

Paprika cream soup with paprika serrano rolls

Soup is pure feel-good food. At Emma it is sweet, creamy and tasty. Because in addition to peppers, tomatoes, cream and honey go into the soup pot. As a spicy contrast (and for everyone who needs something to bite into) Emma serves small, fine rolls with roasted paprika, serrano and garlic. To the recipe

Nicoise pasta salad with tuna and mustard vinaigrette

30 minutes isn't enough to conjure up a motley satiety maker that doesn't look good, but also looks good? Thought wrong. At Christine, there is everything from pasta, a colorful variety of vegetables, eggs, olives, a fine dressing to pink, tenderly roasted tuna steak, what the after-work heart desires. To the recipe

Curry with pineapple

How about a short trip to the Caribbean? Pineapple, paprika, rice, chicken, curry and coconut milk come in the suitcase. The view is colorful and seductively good. You have never traveled far faster than this. To the recipe

Vegetarian evening

Camembert in a macadamia crust with apricots

At the foodistas, hearty meets sweet. Just right for mild summer evenings and a real taste experience. Just imagine: When you slide the tip of the fork through the crispy macadamia coating and discover the melted cheese core. A quick apricot refined with white wine, rosemary and honey on the fork and you can enjoy yourself in the evening. To the recipe

Polenta pizza

How do you bake pizza in no time without taking the frozen pizza out of the freezer? It's simple: make yourself a pizza with a polenta base and a fresh tomato and basil topping. Without the yeast rising for a long time, the pizza is in the oven in no time. To the recipe

Hirsotto with peas

Hir ... what? Well, millet risotto. In addition to millet, peas, saffron and turmeric for color and taste, Denise ‘Hirsotto also has a secret ingredient that ensures the special creaminess. It is none other than the avocado. You feel 10 times fitter just looking at it! To the recipe

Hirsotto © Denise Renée Schuster | Foodlovin

Chickpea fritters with tomato salad

30 minutes is enough for pasta with pesto? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. 30 minutes are enough for crispy fritters made from chickpeas and all kinds of herbs and spices, as well as a fresh cucumber and dill tzatziki and a colorful tomato salad. Do not you think? Then take a look here! To the recipe

Risotto with porcini mushrooms and parmesan

A classic that just always works. Creamy risotto with white wine, parmesan and nutty porcini mushrooms. This is just as good for a candlelight dinner as it is for a quick lunch. To the recipe

Spring risotto with green asparagus

Can't get enough risotto? Meets well, because neither do we. For a little variety on the plate, you can refine your risotto with bright green asparagus and crunchy peas instead of mushrooms. And so that the little ones can also have a bite to eat, Karin's risotto does without any wine. To the recipe

All pasta

Creamy smoked salmon pasta with peas

Hello after work! Hello pasta! With Elle's fast pasta creation, you can start your evening in a relaxed manner with a clear list of ingredients and easy preparation. This is how easy it is to eat well. To the recipe

Spaghetti with chicory, carrots and bacon chips

Are you one of those chicory lovers or are you one of those who get their hair frizzled just by hearing the word? If you are one of the latter, you should give chicory one more try. In Sandra's pasta, the vegetables, along with sweet carrots and crispy bacon chips, come out big in terms of taste. To the recipe

Pasta with pesto and grilled fennel

If you thought pasta with pesto was monotonous, let Catrin teach you better. Their pesto is as green as the classic, but consists of kale instead of basil. The icing on the cake, however, is the fresh fennel, which is briefly roasted and crowns the pasta creation. To the recipe

One-pan tortelloni with salsiccia and tomato cream

So simple, so delicious. At Simone, everything comes in one pot and is cooked comfortably together to create a creamy pasta delicacy. From celery, thyme, tomatoes, spinach, salsiccia to tortelloni. To the recipe

Summer pasta with pickled peppers, thyme and sheep cheese

Summer greets you on Kaja's pasta plate. Her Ruckzuck-Pasta is light, Mediterranean and incredibly tasty. And who is responsible for the summer breeze on your plate? Olive oil, garlic, thyme, sheep cheese, tomatoes and spicy pickled peppers. To the recipe

Pasta with avocado and kale pesto

It is so green with Nadine and Jörg. You already feel fit and strengthened during the preparation. Your bright green pasta not only looks good, but also has a lot of superfood power in its luggage thanks to avocado and kale. So treat yourself to something good after work. To the recipe

Spaghetti with tomato pesto

Tamara makes the 30 minutes look old and conjures up an after-work meal on the table in a snappy 20 minutes. How it works? Take a good portion of spaghetti as a base and top it with a quick and freshly prepared pesto made from tomato, garlic, almonds and basil. To the recipe

Spaghetti with coconut and peanut sauce

At Ela you can pick up a last minute ticket to Southeast Asia. Thanks to a creamy sauce made from coconut milk, chilli, ginger, peanut butter as well as broccoli, sugar snap peas and kaffir limes, you will feel the tickling of the Thai sun on your tongue with every bite. To the recipe

Spaghetti Carbonara with Broccoli

Why are classics classics? Because they warm our hearts over and over again. Wonderfully creamy and made super fast, Maras Carbonara is also a long-running favorite. It doesn't need any more words. To the recipe

Fast after-work salads

Exotic shrimp, mango and avocado salad

Bright colors, light, fruity and still filling - that can only be a summer salad. And one of the very best. Thanks to a bit of spiciness in your luggage and the liveliness of lime, your taste buds will perform a little dance of joy with the first bite. To the recipe

Lentil and chicory salad with mountain peaches

There it is again - the chicory. With Mareike it comes raw this time on the table. In the best company of brown lentils, fresh goat cheese, spring onions and mountain peaches grilled in olive oil. That not only sounds like pure summer, it tastes like it too. To the recipe

Sweet potato and spinach salad with quinoa