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Carol Danvers alias Captain Marvel is a former US Air Force pilot who received superhuman powers from the tesseract. She left Earth and lived on Hala, the home of the Kree, where Yon-Rogg made a human-Kree hybrid with a blood transfusion.

She traveled across the galaxy for 23 years to bring order to various planets until Nick Fury's pager called her to the fight against Thanos.

History [edit | Edit source]

Captain Marvel [edit | Edit source]

Vers awakens from a nightmare on Hala, the home planet of the Kree. She turns to her Kree commander Yon-Rogg and trains with him. Vers has extraordinary powers that enable her to fire photon beams from her hands. Together with Yon-Rogg, Vers tries to get her powers under control. Since the Kree Empire is at war with the Skrull, Vers is sent on a mission together with Yon-Rogg and the Star-Force, consisting of: Minn-Erva, Bron-Char, Korath and Att-Lass to help the Kree spy To save Soh-Larr from the Skrull.

On the planet Torfa, where Soh-Larr is, the team is ambushed and Vers is captured by the Skrull. With the help of a machine, the leader of the SkrullTalos looks into the past and sees forgotten memories of Vers. It turns out that Vers was a fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force lived on Earth. He also finds memories of Dr. Wendy Lawson, the woman from Vers's nightmares.

Vers breaks free from the machine and escapes from the Skrull spaceship. Then she lands on earth in Los Angeles in 1995. On earth she tries to contact the other members of her unit with her Kree technique. But without success. Yon-Rogg tells her that they will be with her within 22 hours. After the conversation, Vers is questioned by S.H.I.E.L.D agent Nick Fury. She tells him that she is a Kree soldier on the hunt for the Skrulls and that they have infiltrated their planet. Fury doesn't believe her and wants to put her under arrest.

Verse can locate a Skrull who is about to shoot Fury and her. You can dodge just in time and he starts to run away. Vers takes up chase, leaving Nick Fury behind. Vers chases the Skrull to a platform, but does not arrive until the train is already leaving the station. Vers sees in time that the Skrull turns into an old lady on the train. Vers runs after the train and ends up in a wagon.

On the train she looks for the old woman and finds her on one of the seats. She hits the Skrull in the face, making the other passengers aware of her and the Skrull manages to escape. The Skrull drops a crystal, which verse picks up after she can push the other passengers away from her. She follows the Skrull onto the roof of the train, while it has previously transformed again. There it comes to a fight between the two, in which she loses sight of the Skrull.

After trying in vain to find the Skrull, Vers uses the crystal and builds it into her Starforce uniform. This gives her access to the Skrull's memories and sees the words Pancho's Bar. Vers goes to the nearest computer cafe to look for this location. She finally decided to use a card because of the problems with the technology and also steals some clothes and a motorcycle to clarify her past and that of the Skrulls.

When she arrived at the bar, she found a photo with a fighter jet with a Pegasus symbol on it. The bar owner explains to her that the photo was taken at an airport, which is not true. She also meets Nick Fury again in the bar, who tells her that he has seen a Skrull who has turned into Phil Coulson. Purified by the experience, he is now ready to hear more of her story. After the two had each proven that they were not Skrulls, the two decided to move to the headquarters of Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. investigate to investigate Carol's past and protect the planet.

Together, the two travel to the NASA USAF facility, where Carol tells Nick more about the Kree. Nick gives her an S.H.I.E.L.D. cap so that she doesn't stand out too much. After asking a security guard about it, Dr. To be able to speak to Wendy Lawson, the two are taken to the security office where they are supposed to wait. Fury discovers they have been locked up and uses a fingerprint from his S.H.I.E.L.D. badge to unlock the door.

While the two are looking for the archive, Vers meets Goose, whom she cannot remember because of her amnesia. While searching the files, they find out that Dr. Lawson died six years ago with one of her test pilots. Fury shows Vers a file in Kree script, which Vers discovers that Lawson was a Kree. Vers also finds a photo that implies that she was the test pilot who died.

Confused by the new information she's gathered on Earth, Carol contacts Yon-Rogg. Yon-Rogg tells her that Dr. Lawon's real name was Mar-Vell. A Kree scientist who had worked on new technology for the Kree-Skrull War. Vers believes that the Skrull came to Earth to look for Mar-Vell's machine. In the meantime, S.H.I.E.L.D. in the facility to arrest verse. It turns out that Talos has assumed the identity of Fury's boss, R. Keller. With the help of Phil Coulson, Carol and Fury escape the ambush and flee in a quad jet with Goose. Carol gets Fury to give her his pager because he couldn't be trusted with it and together they fly to the home of Maria Rambeau, the last person to see Lawson and the test pilot alive.

Together they fly to New Orleans, Louisiana, where they meet Maria and Monica Rambeau. Carol explains her situation to the two of them and shows them her powers. Monica brings a box of Carol's old personal belongings. Vers always remembers old experiences from her past better than Carol Danvers. After Monica leaves the room to look for Carol's old Air Force jacket, Carol discovers that Talos has found it again. Carol raises her fist and wants to fight Talos, but Talos can convince her to listen to him and assures her that he has information about her past that she would certainly like to hear.

She finds out that the Kree have lied to her all along, and that the Skrulls are actually refugees after the Kree destroyed their homeland. With the recordings from the black box, Carol finds out what happened six years earlier. So did Dr. Lawson and Carol made a test flight with the speed of light propulsion. After a crash, Dr. Lawson to destroy it before it falls into the hands of their enemies, the Kree. Someone from the enemy spaceship, which brought the two to crash, killed Lawson, which is why Carol destroyed the drive itself, but the power of the energy core was transferred to Carol.

The attacker turns out to be Yon-Rogg, who robbed her of her memories, took her Kree blood infused to save her and to learn more about the drive. They named Carol on the basis of the second half of her dog tag, on which only the last syllable verse, from her last name Danvers, could be recognized. Talos goes on to say that Mar-Vell tried to help the Skrulls. After the information, Carol feels lost, confused, and that she no longer knows who she is. Maria Rambeau, however, can remind her that she is Carol Danvers. With newly gained strength, Danvers decides to help the Skrull.

The next day, Talos, Fury, Maria Rambeau, Goose and Danvers board a quadjet to search for Mar-Vell's cloaked laboratory in orbit. On board you will find other Skrulls, including Talos' wife and daughter, who have lived there for six years. You will also find the Tesseract, the energy source with which Mar-Vell built the speed of light propulsion. They fell into a trap by Yon-Rogg and the Starforce. Danvers tries to fight Yon-Rogg, but he activates the suppressor, which robs her of her powers.

As a result, Danvers is connected to the Supreme Intelligence, where it confronts them with their lies. Carol manages to escape from the simulation and can destroy the suppressor and develop her full powers. She steals the tesseract back and hands it over to Fury and Rambeau. Then she tells them to flee.

While her friends flee in the quad jet, Carol fights the Starforce and Yon-Rogg. She pretends that the tesseract is in her bread box. Yon-Rogg and Minn-Erva take Kree space pods to place the Quadjet. Danvers jumps onto Yon-Roggs Pod and together they plunge into the Earth's atmosphere, where it loses its hold and ends in free fall. She realizes just in time that she can fly with her full ability, so that she survives. While Rambeau shoots Minn-Erva, Carol takes Yon-Roggs Pod out of the air and causes a crash.

Meanwhile, the prosecutors, led by Ronan, also come to Earth. Carol flies into the atmosphere and fights some spaceships before Ronan breaks off the attack. Carol returns to earth and is expected by Yon-Rogg. Instead of fighting him, Carol shoots him briefly, causing him to go down. She sends him back along with his pod Halawhere he is supposed to report to the Supreme Intelligence that they want to end the Kree-Skrull War.

Carol and her friends celebrate victory over the Kree on the Rambeau estate. She then hands Nick her modified pager and tells him to activate it in an emergency. Danvers leaves earth to find a new home for the Skrulls.

Years later, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, James Rohdes and Bruce Banner see the communication device that Fury left behind after his demise ceases to send a signal. They are wondering what that means when suddenly Carol appears behind them and asks about Fury.

Avengers: Endgame [edit | Edit source]

Shortly after meeting the Avengers, Carol sets off into space to look for missing Avengers team members. Twenty-two days after the snap, she finds Tony Stark and Nebula stranded in theBenatar after her fight against Thanos on the titanium. She pushes the ship, which is running out of fuel, and its occupants back to earth. At the Avengers headquarters, the remaining look at all of the victims of the Snap while Tony Stark collapses in front of Steve Rogers.

The next morning Danvers plans to fly away to find Thanos and kill him. Nebula and Rocket Raccoon find a trail of Thanos on the planetPlanet 0259-S, also known as The garden, where this theInfinity stonesused again. Together with Black Widow, Carol collects the team with the plan to retrieve the stones from Thanos and use them to undo everything. With Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Thor, Bruce Banner, James Rhodes, Rocket and Nebula, Carol goes on board the Benatar to find Thanos. Upon arriving in the garden, Carol searches the planet to make sure Thanos is alone. Together, the team attacks Thanos and finds out that Thanos destroyed the stones including the Infinity glove. Thor furiously kills Thanos and the team returns to Earth. Shortly thereafter, Carol decides to leave Earth to help other planets during the crisis.

In 2023 she will hold an information exchange with Natasha Romanoff. Carol explains to her that she will not be returning to Earth any time soon. After the Avengers successfully took possession of the Infinity Stones through a time travel, Bruce Banner undoes the snap with an Infinity Glove made by Tony Stark. During the time travel, the 2014 version of Thanos becomes aware of the team and attacks the Avengers headquarters on Earth.

During the fight against Thanos' army, Carol destroys several Thanos battleships, including the one Sanctuary II. On the battlefield, Carol saves Spider-Man and takes from him the nano-glove built by Tony Stark. Together with Rescue, Wasp, Walk├╝re, Okoye, Scarlet Witch, Gamora, Mantis and Shuri, Carol can defend the Infinity Glove.

Thanos manages to win the Infinity glove for a short time, but before he can close his hand again, this time wiping out the entire universe, Carol prevents him by holding his hand open. A short time later, however, he hits her back. In the meantime, Tony Stark succeeds in taking the Infinity Stones out of his glove and wiping out Thanos and all his followers with a snap of his fingers. Due to the immense energy of the glove, Iron Man dies on the battlefield in the presence of Pepper Potts, Peter Parker and all the other Avengers. The Avengers kneel in front of Iron Man.

Carol, like many others, goes to Tony Stark's funeral, where she is briefly reunited with Nick Fury.

The Marvels [edit | Edit source]

follows ...

Super powers [edit | Edit source]

  • Absorb energy
  • To fly
  • Generate and shoot photon beam
  • Travel through galaxies without a spaceship
  • Through the Kree blood infusion: increased strength, increased self-healing and a longer life

Quotes [edit | Edit source]

"Arm wrestling for the tesseract?"
- Carol Danvers Captain Marvel
"I could swear I put it in there"
- Carol Danvers Captain Marvel
"I slipped!"
- Carol Danvers Captain Marvel

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • In the comics, Carol Danvers (first appearance in Marvel Super Heroes # 13, March 1968) gave up her powers in an accident in which her genes fused with Kree genes. She assumed the identities of Ms. Marvel, Binary and Warbird before adopting his superhero name after the death of the original Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell).
  • According to Kevin Feige's Phase 3 announcement, Carol Danvers is one of the MCU's most powerful heroes, if not the most powerful.
  • Her character is characterized by her hot-headedness and her will. But also through her good heart and her striving to do the right thing.