What qualities should a fashion designer develop

November 24, 2014 | TM-digital fairs & markets
How do you become a successful fashion designer? 83 students from the Düsseldorf “Fashion Design Institute” and their lecturers listened to the rousing remarks by Patrick De Muynck (center), who is responsible for fashion design at the renowned “Polimoda” fashion school in Florence.
In his 2-hour lecture “Ten rules to become a fashion designer”, held in English, the charismatic Belgian impressed the audience above all with his clearly palpable passion for the design profession and his vividly presented specialist knowledge , which he illustrated with numerous current examples from the fashion world.
Believing in his ideas, implementing them creatively and remaining true to himself even in difficult situations - for the father of three children, these are the most important qualities a fashion designer must have. According to De Muynck, this also includes the will and the ability to develop continuously. The ten rules include: believe, explore, express, experiment, persist, execute with skill, exclude, explain, distinguish and inspire.
"For two hours our students were as quiet as a mouse and were fascinated," emphasizes Inna Thomas, Head of the Fashion Design Institute, and adds: "His lecture inspired us all and provided us with additional motivation."
The Fashion Design Institute was founded in 2008 by the fashion designer Inna Thomas and her husband Harald Thomas.
After three years of study, a six-month internship abroad and participation in national and international competitions, the students complete a three-month examination phase to become an international fashion designer. Prerequisites for registration are the qualification for technical college entrance qualification / secondary school leaving certificate and creativity. The Fashion Design Institute and the University of the Arts London as well as the Milan “Istituto Europeo di Design” cooperate with each other. Further information at: