Why don't girls ask guys for sex

Thank you !: This is what men answer to women’s 33 questions

After we had published our semi-ironic questions to the man's world, numerous readers spoke up in the comment columns who wanted to answer them. Some of them showed a lot of vigor and willingness to provide information and had an answer to all 33 questions. Here are the best responses to the questions women are burning for:

1. Why don't you get in touch?

- Because there are more important things in my life. If you are interested in a relationship, feel free to show initiative.

- There could be several reasons for this. Either the man is not interested - or preoccupied with something else (men can be like children: give them a toy and they forget the world around them).

- We can love without sitting around one another forever or continuously querying the status of love.

- Because we're busy with something else. Or because there is nothing new and we are not curious at the moment.

2. Why are you online on WhatsApp but not reading our messages?

- Because I take note of non-critical information when I want to and don't like to interrupt my daily routine to deal with the princess's soul status. Don't worry, I'll read your message. But I will only answer when there is something to answer. "?" Is not a message worth replying to.

- You are busy at the moment or you are afraid that after reading the message you will have to answer directly.

3. Who are you writing to all the time?

- People.

- Presumably colleagues, customers, friends.

4. Do you find it intrusive when we contact you?