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Solo Travel: The Top 10 Travel Destinations for Solo Travelers

Some go out alone to make as many new contacts as possible, others just want to switch off, be alone, enjoy the silence. The reisereporter will tell you where you can get action on your solo trip, which travel destinations are great for meeting new people and where you can just relax:

10th place: The Netherlands

One reason to travel to the Netherlands is - of course - Amsterdam. reisereporterin Bruntje loves Amsterdam and can tell you exactly why you should visit the capital. Are you short of cash right now? Our travel reporter Lisa knows how to get around Amsterdam for free.

But the Netherlands has a lot more to offer than just Amsterdam. How about, for example, a beach holiday on the Dutch coast? You're guaranteed to get to know a lot of new people there. Because on Holland's coast there are tons of cool beach clubs where you can party. And Leeuwarden also has a lot to offer this year: The city is the “Cultural Capital 2018”.

9th place: Japan

If you are traveling alone because you want to free yourself from everyday life and your habits and want to discover something completely different, Japan could also be ideal for your solo travel tour. Because with its exotic cuisine, volcanoes and temples, Japan offers a journey into a totally foreign world.

A visit to an onsen is also a special experience: These are bathhouses by hot springs and traditional Japanese sites, so to speak. Reisereporterin Sarah knows how to avoid faux pas when visiting the onsen.

8th place: France

If you are traveling alone because you really just want to have some peace and quiet, then Brittany is guaranteed to be a good destination for you. Because travel reporter Leo thinks it is Europe's best-kept secret. It is not spoiled by the sun, but wild, rough and still spared from mass tourism.

If you like it lively and want to meet some new people, there are tons of great cities in France. How about, for example, Bordeaux or Paris? If you want city life but still want peace and quiet, Avignon in winter might be just your thing.

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7th place: Germany

Germany is the ideal travel destination for your solo trip if you are traveling alone for the first time and do not want to plunge into a completely foreign country on your own. Of course, it is also very helpful when you meet hospitable people. Of course, the reisereporter will be happy to tell you where you can find the most hospitable cities in Germany.

You can feel completely at home, but actually also far away. Because in Germany there are really places where you feel like you are in California, Norway or Tenerife.

6th place: Thailand

In Thailand you are also in good hands if you want to switch off a bit. On islands like Ko Samui you can relax and unwind. And Ko Phayam is also great for your solo trip when you need some peace and quiet.

In addition to dream beaches and lonely islands, there is also delicious street food on every corner in Thailand. And scooter riding in Thailand can be a real adventure - travel reporter Christin tried it out.

5th place: Italy

One thing is certain in Italy: there is enough delicious food to feed on frustration. If you ever feel lonely on your solo trip, you can comfort yourself with it, just like Julia Roberts in the film "Eat Pray Love".

But there is one thing you should definitely not order in Bologna: Spaghetti bolognese, as we know it in Germany, does not even exist, according to the locals.

But Italy can do a lot more than just food. Just let yourself drift without a plan in Venice, for example. Or check out real natural wonders. Or Tuscany, Rome and, and, and.

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4th place: Australia

Quokkas, Uluru, football, street art, lavender fields - no wonder Australia is one of the favorite destinations for solo travelers. There is so much to experience that you will definitely not get bored there alone. Reiserporterin Leonie knows what things you must have done in any case to be able to say that you were in Australia.

3rd place: Spain

Regardless of whether it is a city trip, an active holiday or an island holiday: there is everything in Spain. In the Canaries and the Balearic Islands, for example, you will find plenty of beaches. Mallorcareporter Christoph has selected the most beautiful beaches on Mallorca for you. And travel reporter Maike knows what you should definitely do on a short break on the island.

But there is also a lot to experience in places on the mainland: In Barcelona you can admire the masterpieces of the architect Antoni Gaudí, Tarifa in the south of Spain is a true surfing paradise, and the Catalan Pyrenees are an outdoor paradise for hikers and rafters.

2nd place: England

You will definitely not get bored on your solo trip through England in London - travel reporter Christina knows why. She is a London insider, knows the most beautiful corners such as Chiltern Street and knows how to spend the shortest possible short break in the British capital.

But if you think now that England shines except for London only through rainy weather, you are wrong: On the Isles of Scilly you could think that the Caribbean is in England.