How can I speak English quickly

Learn English quickly and no longer have to worry about communicating in English-speaking countries!

With these tips and learning methods, I was able to learn English myself in a very short time.

Do you feel like me in the past and you are about to take on a new job or to advance in your current job, where you are dependent on knowledge of English and therefore now learn english quickly have to?

  • Do you have work colleagues with whom you can only or mainly communicate in English, or is close care to English-speaking customers part of your area of ​​responsibility?
  • Perhaps a visit to friends in English-speaking countries is imminent or even a planned trip around the world?
  • A hot girl or a hot guy who you met abroad is waiting for you?

Main thing: "Learn English ASAP!

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In order to help you to learn English quickly, I have created this website and hope to help you with the tips and recommendations presented to take away your uncomfortable feeling and to prepare you for your new situation as quickly as possible.

However, I can tell you one thing in advance:

"It is not enough to want - you have to do too."
"Success has 3 letters: DO!"
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Of course, you can also relate these quotes to other areas.

However, they fit the topic "learn english quickly" also very good.

Whether you have to find the time to go to a language school in the area, learn with the help of audio books, books, CD’s or DVD’s or choose the convenient variant and prefer the learning method via an online tool.

It's always the same:
In order to learn English really quickly, you have to motivate yourself again and again to achieve your goal!

Below you will find some information that should help you ...

First, however, it would also make sense to see where your weaknesses are or what the reason is why you are nowlearn english quickly have to and what is the problem for you in implementing this.

If you recognize for yourself what your problem is, it is much easier to find the right solution and learning method for you personally.

  • A) Problems with spoken and written English: You want to expand your career opportunities and therefore urgently need English, because almost every job advertisement states that you have to be able to speak and write English.
  • B) speak perfect English: Would you like to go to an English-speaking country? To do this, you should be good at pronunciation in English.
  • C) General time pressure: You want to learn English very quickly - if possible so that you can speak acceptable English in 6 weeks.
  • D) Very lazy to learn: You are very lazy to learn and only enjoy learning when it is absolutely necessary. You don't enjoy learning English per se and a stay abroad is out of the question for you.

The 10 best tips on how to learn English quickly

Once you have found the problem of why you find it so difficult to learn English quickly, you will be better able to find the right learning approaches. Learning methods that will help you learn English as quickly as possible and relate this to your individual situation.

Do you find your problem difficult or does it just take too long to work it out? Then I can give you the10 best tips reveal how you can learn English quickly:

  1. Watching English-language films and reading books: Try to watch English-language films and US series with German subtitles to help. Choose films that you like or that interest you in the topic. It will help you with your general understanding of language! Foreign-language books also improve your English skills enormously.
  2. International websites: Take international websites as an aid. There you will find something you can learn about in all areas. Examples would of course be well-known news services such as NBC or BBC.
  3. Mail friendships: If you don't have any acquaintances in English-speaking countries, try email friendships. E-mail exchanges can help you learn English quickly in writing!
  4. English course: In any case, an English course is one of the best tips for learning English quickly! Find a course at a language school in your area. What duration and intensity do you need to know for yourself. English courses are definitely not cheap, but they also offer a good learning effect. Decide for yourself whether it should be a group or an individual course!
  5. Additional private lessons: If an English course isn't right for you, try additional private lessons. Of course these will be a bit more expensive, but they can help you directly. You can ask questions and learn what you think is necessary to learn English quickly!
  6. To speak English: In order to be able to learn English really quickly, it is important to use the English language! Try to communicate in English with other people around you as often as possible. Above all, it will help you with the pronunciation of the words and it will also take away the "fear" of having a conversation in English.
  7. Contacts to English speakers: In addition to tip 6, it is a great advantage to talk to English-speaking people. Take the opportunity to see whether people from the English-speaking world really understand you and whether you do understand them. Can you explain everything to you? Perhaps you are missing vocabulary at one point or another that you need to brush up on? Here you really learn from a practical example how good your English is already and in which respect it is difficult or hardest for you to communicate!
  8. Tandem partner: A language tandem enables you to deepen your knowledge of a foreign language such as English. This is where two native speakers of different languages ​​meet and can exchange ideas and help each other. Are you looking for a tandem partner? Then have a look here!
  9. Language trips:Try a language trip. These are offered on special websites on the Internet.
  10. Stay abroad: Depending on how your English skills are, a stay abroad in an English-speaking area is a very good opportunity to learn English very quickly. It is definitely a challenge and also associated with a little fear, but you will learn most of the English language quickly during a stay abroad. It will not only help you with general English learning, but also with pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar!

Are these tips not enough for you or have you not found the right one for you on this website? Then you will find further help and tips on the following website, for example: Improving English - The best tips and learning methods

This is why “speaking English” is so important these days!

to speak EnglishBeing able to do so is very important these days and, above all, it is impossible to imagine the professional world without it. English is the "language of the world" and is already required in everyday life.

German companies have English names and slogans are often translated into English. If you live in Germany in a big city like Berlin or Hamburg, you will have noticed that many people speak in English. In other parts of the world, too, the English language is communicated as the central language between the various peoples.

Many professions require very good or at least good knowledge of English. Being able to speak English is welcome and, like knowledge of German, is part of general education. When looking for a job, you sometimes have to realize that a lack of English skills is a disadvantage.

How is your current situation?

Perhaps you will find an option that applies to you under the links below? Please just click through here and you will be taken directly to your selection ...

Learning English quickly, just like learning other important things, requires concentration, discipline and hard work. Speaking English is basically not a difficult task, but of course you still have to learn a lot in order to get yourselflearn english quickly can. Use your free time. I suggest that you create a schedule ...

Write down which tasks you want to do in the next few weeks and how much time you will need to complete them.

Try to set priorities, for example with a system of 1-3. Which things are important to you and which do you have to do quickly? These then get the "priority level 1", rather unimportant tasks get a "3". All the other tasks that remain are prioritized with "2".

Now you can work through your to-do list step by step. Likewise, you make a plan just for your plan to learn English quickly.

  • Break down your learning tasks into subject areas.
  • Prioritize your tasks according to a system.
  • Try to give yourself time limits that you have to stick to as much as possible (example: learn 50 vocabulary today - time limit 30 minutes).
  • Set yourself a timer and always be focused while studying and don't let yourself be distracted by music, television, etc.

You will quickly find out whether your time limits are realistic. Above all, you will have a rough overview in advance of whether your desired goal "learn english quickly“In the sense that it is feasible or what you may have to change to achieve it.

As you have already noticed, you have to, you have to torture yourself in order to achieve your goal. If you get stuck at one point, try not to give up, but do even more for your sense of achievement!

With this page I try to clarify all possible questions and topics on the subject of “learning English quickly” in detail. If you still have questions, don't hesitate and write to me! Then maybe I can help you. You will notice that as soon as you have reached your goal, the effort was worth it. Mastering the English language is an important tool in this day and age. what you can use again and again!

Recommendation to learn English quickly

For me there is really only one software that is the best for learning English. So my recommendation only speaks in favor of this online learning software.

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My tip if you want to learn English quickly:

I learned English quickly and had the best experience with this site. With the multimedia language course, I was able to learn English in no time. I had no previous knowledge and can now communicate in all important situations in English-speaking countries!
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  • only 17 minutes of study a day
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  • Superlearning technology
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Alternatives to learning English

I don't think other language learning programs compare to the Alpha method, but you should have some alternatives to choose from.

Among other things, Rosetta Stone would certainly be interesting to take a closer look at. Babbel is also very popular, especially with total language beginners, but cannot be compared to a learning program like the alphabundle or Rosetta Stone.

Last but not least, there are other learning opportunities that enable you to learn the English language. However, these should rather be viewed as learning support ...

English in 30 days (Langenscheidt)

  • Set with book, 2 audio CDs
  • 30 daily servings with topics from everyday life, travel and work
  • Motivational sequel story
  • With learning strategies, revision lessons, intermediate and final tests
  • Intercultural tips for the perfect travel preparation
  • Grammar basics and short grammar to look up
  • With free access to the online dictionary for one year

English Exercise Grammar: Grammar, Exercises, Solutions and Vocabulary List (Laura Miller)

  • Grammatical rules according to Oxford English
  • Numerous exercises and a glossary of grammatical terms
  • Learning English through proper practice is suitable for school, tutoring and self-study
  • Simple style of speech
  • The vocabulary of the exercises is taken from common school books
  • Tenses, active-passive, modal verbs, relative clauses

New York English - Learn English quickly and easily for beginners (New York Institute)

  • Comfortably at home or on the go
  • Learn pronunciation from native speakers
  • quick pronunciation confidence
  • Clearly and clearly understandable
  • It is a valuable tool for beginners
  • only 30 minutes a day

My conclusion on how you can learn English quickly

If you have already been struggling with yourself for a long time, because you may simply not be interested in the English language or the options are all too difficult and time-consuming for you, I can finally recommend that you also deal with the general topic of “fast learning learn "busy. It could already fail with the basics that you find it so difficult to learn. Ask yourself whether this could be the case with you.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. Otherwise I hope to be able to help you with the information on this website and wish you

good luck with learning English quickly! 😉