How do women's jeans differ from men's jeans?

Jeans cuts for women and men

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Of course, the jeans cuts differ not only in the different ways in which the trouser legs are designed. Aside from the wide, tight, flared and straight legs, pay attention to the rise.

Usually, jeans are worn so that the waistband lies between the navel and the hips, with men's jeans sitting a little lower than women's jeans. When it comes to jeans cuts, however, you will find some extremes:

  1. At the High waist cut the waistband is pulled up to the navel. This has the advantage that the high waist jeans sit loosely on the bottom and thus this problem area can be concealed.
  2. The opposite of the pulled-up waistband is what the hip jeans have to show. It only starts on the hip. This allows a small belly to be hidden under a wide top.

They are also particularly unusual leggings in demim. These pants are often no longer recognized as jeans. They are decidedly women's jeans and are worn by tall women under a skirt or dress. If you are small and have a plump figure, you should avoid these jeans.

Ultimately, the Push up Cut not go unmentioned. These women's jeans are intended for all women who have always wanted a bottom like a South American model. The push up jeans are woven in a very special way and the pockets are put on in such a way that your tester has a perfect apple shape when you wear it. It becomes an eye-catcher for the male world.