What is an authoritarian democracy

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Authoritarian system

What does "authoritarian" mean?
If a person feels superior to all others, if he does not allow criticism or contradiction, he is called "authoritarian". If a young person thinks that his father always determines everything, he can reproach him: But you are authoritarian! Applied to a state, this would mean: a rule, a government that acts authoritarian, prevents parties or groups from participating in the state democratically. Authoritarian rule does not permit other opinions and prevents newspapers, television and other media from reporting critically. This is the case, for example, in a dictatorship or in a state in which only one party, group or family is in charge and the opposition is persecuted.
Do not confuse this with "authority"!
Note: The word "authoritarian" is mostly used in a negative, negative sense. An "authority", on the other hand, is someone who enjoys a special reputation because of his position, his knowledge and achievements. This can be parents, including teachers, if they can be seen as role models for others. Perhaps you know people around you who can be called authorities.

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