How do you recognize a female INTP

Via the typical freedom pirate psyche or via "INTP"

Many professions have a special “character”, and companies have something like that too. It is called "culture" there. We know archetypal mathematicians, THE officials, THE senior teachers, THE Greens. I think yes, the typical pirate is an INTP (a test result from the MBTI), such a brilliant mind, a bit schizoid - uh, I mean, he has an attitude that is so brain-driven that the heart has to be simulated as an app or also Not. If that's all like that - what does it mean? I want to guess that for you here.

I've already written about the “Bloggerpsyche INFP”. Bloggers often have a worldly and humane heart, which is likely to lead to anger at the world and its futility if you look too closely. Bloggers love the little prince of Saint-Exupéry, so they see well with the heart, at least they try to see or learn to see with the heart.
But pirates discuss everything. The archetypal pirate seems to think: "Man can only see well with his brain."

In 2005 I made a call to send me the results of the psychological MBTI test (you can find the link to a free version for your self-awareness on my homepage). Masses of computer scientists sent in their results. A good half of the senders were "NT", which means "intuitive thinking" and amounts to "rationalist". I will briefly describe what INTP means, you can read it anywhere on the Internet, look it up in Wikipedia or here:

INTP characterization

INTP live a large part of their time in their heads. In her head there are ideas, options, theories, news, technological visions, but not a seventh heaven with women and feasts. INTP love problem solving in their heads. They know themselves (visibly!) That they are brilliant, just as beautiful women visibly know that they are beautiful. INTP are extremely sure that they can solve everything with their minds. While others are still unsure, the solution to the problem has long been in their mind as a theory.
And now comes the tricky point: INTP are quite satisfied with the idea of ​​the right world in their heads. You can already imagine “the implementation” or “the rest”. Therefore they often show the weakness of not really working on the realization of their ideas. The idea is enough! You will then not continue to work in reality, but want more - more - more new things in the brain! New theories, new technologies!
And otherwise? They are often “goofy”, see clothes as mere body covering (long T-shirts are sufficient), do not understand people who are not logically like themselves. They have problems with the feelings of others, and most certainly with their own, which they prefer not to use, which they do not want to afford, or whose very existence they tend to deny. You are trying to intellectualize the emotional side ...
Whenever they learn something new, it is essential that it is checked for truth. It is doubted, questioned, criticized, softened in search of contradictions, challenged, viewed from all perspectives, searched for the fly in the ointment.
Other characters may be naggers, currants, or bean counters - INTP are often like hair-splitters in their truth-seeking strategy for others. That drives the others to utter despair, because they do not want to keep debating and give up everything. You want to do something, finally act, implement it, carry it out! The others say they don't want to talk about it any further. Stop. Stop. Do. That makes the INTP suspicious that someone else does not want to continue the discussion. Does he have something to hide? Is there a body in the basement? The INTP suspects a lack of transparency, lies, a rope team ... It wants everything to be clarified until it is clear, without feelings and without feeling for feelings.

And I wonder: what if the typical pirate was an INTP?
I mean, a single hair-splitter on the team is okay. Some other people have ideas, others act, some calculate and sell - yes, and some have to look to truth and consistency. But if the pirates were - let's say - 30 percent or only 10 percent INTP (instead of 2 to 3 percent or so in the population), what then?
Then the hair-splitting would definitely be unbearable, because now the hair-splitter does not simply iron all other normal people flat, but encounters heaps of other hair-splitters, who are all individually intellectually brilliant and each have a long-planned best world in their heads that please others should realize or not.
Imagine a large mass of brain-minded people meeting to search for truth, that is to say at a party congress like the knights at tournaments back then?

If the typical or at least authoritative pirates were INTP, they would only be discussed verbally and transparency demanded wherever the mind alone cannot penetrate. Feelings would be ignored and therefore ignorantly hurt wherever they play a role - so where? In the “typically feminine”, in the psychological, in matters of warmth of the heart and in affection for the voter. (About three percent of men are INTP, but less than 1 (!!) percent of women, which is why a representative INTP community has to be very male-dominated - that too!)
Emotionally oriented people would find the pirates cold, feminine people would not join the party, party leaders who had to create and present unity in their role would be smashed at the multidual discussions. Then the pirate party would be abandoned by the women or the emotionally intelligent heart people, the way of speaking would be rougher and everyone on the outside would find it more and more chaotic ... But then the spiral of death turns: Because now everyone finds people who are themselves only chaotic and in others Parties cannot express their strange ideas, the new possibility is sympathetic that anyone can report anything to the pirates and submit anything as a request.
If superintelligence gets too deeply debated, all the super strange ones in the world are drawn to it like moths to the light, because the strange people confuse their particularities, doom for the better and everything extraterrestrial in general with super intelligence ... Now the gruff tone becomes impatient, because with the pirates everyone is allowed to say something , but of course only something great in the sense of the INTP ... In normal parties, mediocrity wins in the downward spiral, but here the bizarre, the conspicuously and inappropriately unconventional.

I want to say: pirates, I am sorrowful.

What can you do? At the beginning of the year, Sascha Lobo wrote on SPON: “The Pirate Party could have been to the Internet what the CSU is to Bavaria. However, her allergy to her own management staff means that she does not set topics, but manages them. But voters are not convinced by topics, but by attitudes - and for that you need people. ”Sascho Lobo is ENTJ, I think. Do you know him better than I do? Is this true?

ENTJ characterization

People can hold a whole together and give direction. A vision can do that too, for example I prefer that because I'm an INTJ. Whatever the principle: A clear direction and a goal have to be found, and a tangible, sweeping passion in visible people to get there. That is chosen! And not an endlessly discussed theme park (place).
Will the pirates jump the INTP hurdle in the next state elections? Do you notice that Marina Weisband's heart alone might have been able to do that?

At IBM they called me "Wild Duck", that is, lateral thinker. I was the Chief Technology Officer there, something like "part of the technological conscience". I took care of "species-appropriate working environments" (especially for techies) and thought about innovation and corporate cultures. Especially now, after my retirement, I often express myself a bit polarizing-satirical about the daily madness in work environments and in education and upbringing, where genuinely preaching passion meets frowns. It is always about "species-appropriate husbandry of people"! Today I am self-employed as a freelance writer, speaker and business angel and would like to contribute something to the initiation of new educational systems. So I write about children, people, managers and advisors - and ask for your forgiveness if I often relate the everyday to Plato & Co. The articles here are also available as pdf downloads on my homepage Those who quote them properly may copy them somewhere. Gunter Dueck