In what acid does gold dissolve?

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Acids Formed by a combination of one or more atoms of hydrogen with non-metals or non-metal oxides. Acids play an essential role in the manufacture of jewelry in the background.
The most common:
Hydrofluoric acid:(most dangerous acid) etches glass, removes enamel residues, cleans casting trees from the investment material.
Aqua regia(Acid mixture of 3 parts hydrochloric acid, 1 part nitric acid): dissolves gold and platinum.
nitric acid(Separating water): separates silver from gold, dissolves brass and copper lining material, the main component of gold testing acids, yellowing and coloring of gold alloys, for aqua regia.
hydrochloric acid(Salt spirit): By-product of the test acids, for aqua regia, for soldering water, dissolves iron, zinc, tin and aluminum.
sulfuric acid(Vitriol oil): sulfuric acid + water 10: 1 = brew (stain), dissolves silver, the main component of red silver test acid, white boiling in silver goods.

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