Why do you want to do an internship

Correctly formulate expectations for the internship - this is how it works!

  1. Expectations of the job you want to get to know
  2. Expectations of the company in which you will do your internship
  3. Expectations of the content of the internship

What are your expectations for your upcoming internship? You need to have the answer to this question ready at the latest when you start to write your internship report. But it is also possible that you will be asked this question during the interview about an internship! In order not to stutter or sweat here, we will help you to find a suitable answer to this important question!

The following is a breakdown of the question into three sub-areas. We'll show you how to answer the individual sub-areas. Below is an example for the relevant sub-area. If you also proceed in the same way, you will end up with three text sections, all of which serve to answer the question: "What do you expect from your future internship"! Just give it a try and get started right away!

Expectations of the job you want to get to know

When looking for a suitable internship, you have already given a lot of thought to the job you want to get to know. Which profession did you choose and why? If you have decided to become an automotive mechatronics technician, it is probably because you like to work in a practical way, ideally because you are skilled in your craft and you are interested in cars. You can incorporate these reasons that come to mind for a particular job into your expectations of the internship! You can formulate the answer to the question in such a way that you incorporate your career aspirations into it. In the case of the automotive mechatronics engineer, you can say:

Example: I expect my internship to be able to improve my manual skills. I would like to move away from the beginner level and towards a more skillful use of tools and machines. I would also like to learn more about how cars work and what technology is behind them, because cars are my passion and I want to learn a lot more about them in this internship than I know before. Since I also like to deal with cars in my free time, I want to find out whether the job of automotive mechatronics technician really suits me, if so, I would be very happy if I could turn my hobby into a job. An internship in your workshop should help me to consolidate my career aspirations and to bring me closer to the necessary qualifications.

Expectations of the company in which you will do your internship

When asked about your goals, wishes and expectations of the internship, you can also give reasons for the company you have chosen. Just think about it: Why do I want to do an internship in this company of all places? Is it because it is a particularly large company and you always wanted to work for such a successful giant corporation? Or is it the exact opposite? Do you deliberately want to go to a small company because it gives you a better overview of the work in it? In addition, tasks are not so strictly separated in small companies, so that everyone has to lend a hand everywhere. In addition to such factors, your future colleagues will also play an important role in your upcoming internship. What do you want from these?

Example: When choosing an internship, I specifically chose a large company because it also handles international business. Because I am very good at English and French, I think it would be good if I could use my language skills later in my day-to-day work. That's why I chose a company with contacts abroad. I expect the company to give me an insight into this international business and thereby learn more about such business relationships. I expect from my employer that I can not only watch, but also take action myself. A nice and warm welcome from the team would be desirable. Since I don't have any professional experience yet, I would like my colleagues to always support me and advise me if I have any questions. I also expect from my internship that I have a contact person in the company so that I always know who to turn to in the event of problems or uncertainties.

Expectations of the content of the internship

Which materials, tools, programs or devices would you like to use during your internship? Do you want to learn how to use the big oven at a baker's? How to bake buns and decorate pies? Do you wish to be shown how to use a special program? Attending a meeting would also be great to see how something like this works? Do you prefer to work alone, or do you want to tackle tasks in a team? Do you wish to be able to carry out individual work steps independently? Or would you prefer to work under guidance / supervision? Questions about questions that you should answer yourself when looking for an internship. This has two advantages!

First: The better you know what you want, the more purposefully you can look for an internship. You will then know which keywords to look out for in the job posting. This way you increase your chances of finding an internship that exactly meets your needs and that you will not be disappointed with.

Second: If you have already answered many of these questions in advance, then you also know what you want from your internship and what expectations you have of it!

Example: I would like to learn during my internship at the newspaper how to get from the idea to a contribution to the finished article. It would be nice if I could follow all the work steps on the way to the finished article. I am also very interested in photography and image processing. If I could watch someone edit photos and pictures for the newspaper, I would be very happy. Ideally, I would also be shown how to use such a program. I also expect my internship to be able to complete tasks independently, but also to be able to work within a team from time to time. After the internship, I would like to say that I not only got to know the day-to-day business in a newspaper editorial office, but that I was also able to actively support the company with my own work. The absolute highlight of the internship would be if one of my articles were actually published in an issue.

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