Has RSS helped Pakistan flood

At least 41 dead after flooding in Karachi

Karachi - After flooding in Pakistan's metropolis of Karachi, at least 41 people have died in the past three days. The extent of the destruction and the exact number of victims are still unknown, said the head of the national civil protection agency on Friday.

The army was sent to the port city in the southern province to help with rescue work. TV pictures showed completely flooded city districts and torrential floods on major streets.

More heavy rain expected

The weather service in Pakistan predicted rain again for the next few days in the south. "Karachi has never had so much rain in recorded history," said Pakistani Meteorological Service chief Sardar Sarfraz.

The administration of the city with more than 16 million inhabitants is repeatedly criticized during the monsoon season. The vast majority of residents live in slums and the drainage systems are poorly developed. Weather extremes such as flash floods, soil erosion and droughts have increased in Pakistan in recent years.

The meteorological service in Pakistan predicted 20 percent more rain and flooding in the cities before this monsoon season began. Climate experts have been observing an increase in extreme weather conditions in Pakistan for years due to global warming. (APA, 8/28/2020)