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Fischer: symbiosis of art and energy generation

E-Werk Luckenwalde opens as "Center for Art Current and Contemporary Art"

Luckenwalde, September 14, 2019. “Technology and art are two areas that exist separately in the minds of many people. It is different in the E-Werk in Luckenwalde. In the future, energy will be generated here using art and the house will be self-sufficient. Art and power generation enter into a symbiosis - a very creative, but nevertheless forward-looking approach. Because it shows that we have to think beyond the limits of what is supposedly possible and feasible when it comes to the energy supply of the future. Even if artificial electricity cannot ensure the success of the energy turnaround, it is still a contribution that stimulates thought about alternative forms of energy generation. ”That said the State Secretary in the Ministry of Economics and Energy Hendrik Fischer today at the opening of the E-Werk in Luckenwalde as a "Center for Art Current and Contemporary Art".

In addition, Luckenwalde added another attraction with the new art center, the State Secretary added. "I am convinced that the E-Werk will not only be of interest to artists from home and abroad as a location for exhibitions and project work, but will also attract many art lovers," said Fischer. The fact that the former power station, which stood empty for a long time, is now being reactivated as an artificial current power station, is “a suitable use”.


The stone sculptor Pablo Wendel founded “Performance Electrics” in Stuttgart in 2012 as a non-profit electricity provider for the production and provision of “artificial electricity”. In November 2017, Performance Electrics gGmbH acquired the former power station in Luckenwalde. The 350 square meter historic turbine hall with adjoining engine room and outdoor facilities will henceforth be available for exhibitions and other cultural events. The house, under the artistic direction of Pablo Wedel and Helen Turner, is to be operated entirely with artificial electricity. In addition, Performance Eletrics gGmbH is planning to feed energy into the public grid.

According to its own statements, Performance Electrics is the only electricity provider in the world that produces and provides artificial electricity. The company has a customer network of museums, institutions and private households and reinvests 100 percent of its profits in culture and artificial current technology.