What should women over 50 wear

Women aged 50 and over should no longer wear these items of clothing

In the world of fashion you can always magical clothes that we can cheat ourselves with or that we can use to look younger than we actually are. Just as there are flattering favorites, there are also always again Parts that we'd better keep our hands off of when we reach a certain age. Of course should be here no bans that discourage middle-aged women from wearing certain clothes, but rather rather, it should be about helpful tips, the Ladies beyond their 50scan consider to make a fabulous performance and at the same time to feel completely comfortable in your look.

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1. Cheap man-made fibers

They neither feel good on the skin, nor do they impress with their high-quality appearance: we're talking about man-made fibers. Because, of course, we do not advise women over 50 against certain cuts that have been with them for a long time and flatter their figure, but rather focus on the high quality of the materials from which the various items of clothing are made. So instead of relying on acrylic, polyester and polyamide - materials that are guaranteed to make you sweat - natural fibers such as cotton, linen and silk and Co. now promise a comfortable fit, long durability and a great look.

2. Clothing in neon colors

Of course, you can still wear bright colors in middle age and even use them to look a few years younger. However, bright neon colors are one of those nuances that quickly make an outfit look cheap and thwart a classic look that many women now prefer. So regardless of whether we are in our 20s, have left the 30s behind us or are over 50 years old - we'd better swap neon yellow, green or pink for other shades that are strong but less garish.

3. Poorly made bags

Strictly speaking, it is of course not a piece of clothing, but rather an accessory that accompanies almost every woman in her everyday life: the handbag. As we get older, we should be aware that investing in a classic is worthwhile and that poorly crafted bags take away that certain something from even the most elegant and stylish look. A little tip: We know which designer handbag is currently driving all the stars crazy and which is the perfect investment.

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