Can Ayurveda permanently heal the thyroid gland?

However, if you are under medical treatment, discuss dietary supplements in particular, such as: B. Ashwagandha always with your therapist.

However, taking synthetic thyroid hormone preparations can also lead to complications. Because the dosage is completely individual and must therefore first be tested for each patient.

Until one is "correctly adjusted", many weeks, if not months, can pass, in which one has to struggle with symptoms of underfunction (the dose of the hormones is then too low) and with symptoms of overfunction (now the dose was too high) .

The changing symptoms make it difficult for those affected physically and mentally. However, the problem could not only be with the inappropriate dosage, but also with the fact that the prescribed medication is simply not right for you.

Most of the time, pure levothyroxine, i.e. T4, is prescribed. But what if you have a conversion disorder and you cannot convert T4 into active T3? Then levothyroxine is of no use or of little use.

Your TSH level will be perfect with levothyroxine, which will make your doctor especially happy. Only YOU will not feel comfortable with it. Your doctor may tell you that your thyroid may no longer be the cause if you just don't want to get better.

In most cases, however, he does not know what is missing from you. Before he will refer you to the psychosomatic department, ask for a T4 / T3 combination preparation:

17. Take not only T4, but also T3

Many patients get along much better with a combination preparation that contains not only T4 but also the active T3. These preparations have long been on the market, but are prescribed much less often. Ask your doctor about it!

And if you like it natural, then the preparations from the porcine thyroid are also available for your holistic therapy for hypothyroidism:

18. Pig thyroid

How well the pork thyroid can increase the thyroid hormone level is shown again and again when people with hyperthyroidism suddenly feel bad as soon as they eat sausage products. Because, as is well known, all sorts of things are processed in sausage - including the thyroid glands of animals.

If you are underactive, however, preparations made from animal thyroid glands can be a blessing.

Extracts were made from pig or sheep's thyroid glands in ancient times, which were then prescribed to people with symptoms of hypothyroidism from around the end of the 19th century until the 1950s and 1960s. Then the pharmaceutical industry brought levothyroxine onto the market and the dried and powdered animal thyroid glands more or less completely disappeared from the range of therapies offered by endocrinologists.

In the meantime there are again a few sources that can supply the corresponding preparations. The pork thyroid is chosen because pigs are more similar to humans than cattle, for example.

Of course, this measure is not suitable for vegans and vegetarians. For all other people who simply cannot cope with levothyroxine or combination preparations and do not feel comfortable with it, the pork thyroid is worth a try.

In the book "For the Thyroid - Against Stubbornness", the author Janie A. Bowthorpe explains that many thyroid patients have finally found their way back to their well-being with the pig's thyroid preparations - often after decades of odyssey and after unsuccessful attempts by doctors to find the right dose of Levroxine to find.

Three of the quotes from said book:

"I can't believe the difference. My energy levels have improved so much, the brain fog and depression are gone and (drum roll) I've actually lost 23 kg. The natural thyroid supplement saved my life!"
"Within two weeks, my condition improved rapidly. My hair grew back in thick tufts, and my long-lost eyebrows also formed again. During the day I had new energy and the brain fog was a thing of the past."
"My skin became so soft and supple that I could basically do without body lotion. I no longer had problems with acne and was able to lower my blood pressure medication. And all because I switched from Synthroid (US thyroxine preparation) to Armor (pig's thyroid). My life has developed so positively and my energy has returned too. The fear I had lived with for almost 30 years was gone. "

The advantage of animal thyroid preparations is that they contain bioidentical hormones, i.e. no synthetic replicas. In addition, it contains not just one or two thyroid hormones, as is the case in pharmaceutical thyroid hormone preparations, but all the substances that a thyroid gland forms and of which a thyroid gland consists.

Because the thyroid gland not only produces T4 and T3, but also T1, T2 and calcitonin - as well as possibly traces of substances that are not yet known or considered to be irrelevant. Exactly this natural composition of the natural thyroid preparations or the ratio of the individual substances to one another seems to be decisive for many people and lead to an excellent holistic effect.

In addition to T4 and T3, natural thyroid preparations also contain the following substances:

  1. T1 (monoiodothyrin) may be responsible for keeping the thyroid working properly.
  2. T2 (diiodothyrin) appears to be involved in the production of the enzyme 5`-deiodinase. It is involved in the transformation of the T4 into T3.
  3. Calcitonin is a hormone that helps regulate calcium levels.

In Germany, pig thyroid preparations are only available on prescription, e.g. B. at the Klösterl pharmacy in Munich (there the product is called Thyreogland) or in the Receptura pharmacy in Frankfurt (there the product is called Thyroid according to USP).

Preparations made from pig's thyroid are not available in Switzerland, but they can be ordered abroad.

Hypothyroidism - The holistic therapy

From all of the tips and recommendations for hypothyroidism listed above, you can now work with your holistic therapist to put together a holistic therapy that is individually tailored to you.

The following two books are helpful:

In particular, if you want to test the natural thyroid preparations, we recommend that you first do the above. The book by Janie A. Bowthorpe should be read, as it provides a lot of tips and experiences in connection with the correct dosage and conversion from levothyroxine to porcine thyroid preparations.

We also recommend the book by Dr. Datis Kharrazian "Treating hypothyroidism and Hashimoto differently".

Note: If you are already taking thyroid medication, please never stop taking them on your own! Life-threatening symptoms could develop. The medication can at best be slowly tapered off - and that only in consultation with and with the assistance of your doctor or alternative practitioner.

We wish you all the best and good luck with your holistic therapy for your hypothyroidism!

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