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Broadcaster NBC confirms: The eighth season of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" will be the last


The production of the now final season was hit hard by the pandemic and influenced by the protests against police violence.

  • The next "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" season is the last, as NBC announces.

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On Thursday evening (Swiss time), the US broadcaster NBC announced that the upcoming eighth season of the popular cop-comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” would also be the last. Those responsible did not give a specific reason for this - the audience numbers fell, but were still good.

The widespread protests against police violence in the USA and the Black Lives Matter movement are likely to have played an important role in this decision. A series about (heroic) cops gets a very bitter aftertaste in this context - especially if it's a comedy series.

Four finished episodes were completely kicked

Part of the ten (yes, there are only ten, Jesses) now final episodes in the wake of the protests in spring and summer 2020 were completely rewritten, as Terry Crews (52, plays Terry Jeffords) told Access Daily in June reveals: "They threw four ready-made episodes completely in the trash," we have to start from the beginning. " And Andy Samberg (42, plays the main character Jake Peralta) said last year to “GQ”: “What we are currently seeing from the police is anything but funny. There is no reason to laugh. "

How the zeitgeist will be implemented in the series is not yet known. What is certain, however, is that the change in direction and the ongoing pandemic have delayed the production of the season, which is why it will start on US TV in autumn 2021 at the earliest.

The news is sad, the wait until the finale is long. So here is the statement from showrunner Dan Goor (45), so that some of the emotion can join your bitter tears:

And because Goor ends his message with the B99 running gag "Title of Your Sex Tape" (and the writer of these lines has not been able to have a conversation without this punchline for years - at the debt enforcement office it gets a bit uncomfortable), everyone is here "Titles of Your Sex Tape" up to and including season six:

Season seven of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” ran on US television in early 2020 and is now streaming on Netflix - also in Switzerland.

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