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What is a PR Manager?

As a PR manager, you are responsible for the external perception of companies and products. You will develop PR strategies and concepts, coordinate PR campaigns and write press releases.

Face of the company - short profile PR manager

As a PR manager, you take care of the positive external perception of companies and organizations. To do this, you use press and public relations measures. You develop concepts and develop strategies that serve the company in all communication processes. You will also maintain contact with journalists, write press releases and be responsible for budget planning for campaigns and projects. The training to become a PR manager can take the form of distance or face-to-face courses as well as a degree. Alternative job titles for the PR manager are PR consultant and PR specialist.

How do I become a PR manager?

You can complete further training to become a PR manager at the following institutes. The advanced training is offered both as a distance learning course and as a part-time course. Would you like to compare the distance learning courses in detail? Then use the practical comparison function on the FernstudiumCheck page.

The job title PR manager is not legally protected in Germany. In addition, there is no mandatory training to become a PR manager. In order to be able to work as a PR manager, you have various options. You can acquire your knowledge at an academy or at a correspondence school. Another access gives you a Education. You can complete this either in public relations or in journalism as well as communication and media studies. You can read more information about public relations studies and student reports on the StudyCheck.de portal. If you would like to work in a specialist agency, an additional degree in this area is recommended. A subsequent traineeship or internship is also essential for starting a career.

"I myself studied Romance Philology with the minor subjects Philosophy and Sociology. At the same time, I was already working in a PR agency. In principle, it is an industry that is also accessible to career changers. Internships in PR agencies also show how things really work . "

Katrin Wellenberg, managing director at Eurodialog
Source: www.musicsupporter.de

Requirements, content & degree

The requirements for training as a PR manager vary. If you want to acquire your knowledge at a university, you need the subject-specific higher education entrance qualification, the technical college entrance qualification or the Abitur. Distance learning can also be accessed with an intermediate level of education and an affinity for creative work. Professional experience in the communications industry can also be a prerequisite. In some cases, a university degree is required.

As a budding PR manager, you also have a communicative and open nature. Good writing skills are also an advantage. Distance learning requires a particularly high level of initiative and self-discipline from you. As an additional qualification, you can lay a good foundation stone to later work as a PR manager or to practice an alternative communication profession.

Which Course content Coming to you depends on the respective educational institution. There is no uniform regulation here. You will learn the following basics both in a university degree and in further training to become a PR manager.

  • Press work
  • Media work
  • Controlling in PR
  • Areas of responsibility for PR
  • Competition and media law
  • Occupational and activity fields

The examination procedure is different at each training institute. In order to be admitted to the final exam, it is usually necessary that you have passed all course content. At some distance learning schools, participation in an exam preparation seminar is also compulsory. The final exam can consist, for example, of a term paper, an oral presentation, a press release and an oral examination. After your PR manager exam, you will receive a certificate or a diploma.

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Career prospects

After you have trained as a PR manager, it is important that you specialize in a certain area. Among other things, the areas of advertising, opinion research and marketing are available here. You can attend special courses for this specialization. With a solid education and internship, you have a good chance of getting a Traineeship to complete in the PR area. Afterwards, many doors are open to you in the area of ​​public relations. After a successful career start, there are hardly any limits to your career opportunities in the communications industry. In a university course, for example, you can acquire skills in business administration. If you have sufficient professional experience, you also have the option of running your own PR agency.

What tasks do I have as a PR manager?

The job of PR manager involves a wide range of activities and tasks. As a PR manager, you are responsible for all press and public relations activities. You coordinate PR campaigns and plan measures that put products and companies in the right light.

You will also work with editors to place advertisements on the Internet, radio or TV. As part of press work, you will take care of the writing of press releases and the organization of press conferences.

Depending on where you work, you take on different ones tasks. However, the aim of your work is always to present the respective company in a particularly positive way in public. The main tasks of a PR manager are, for example:

  • Advising and looking after customers
  • Evaluate market analyzes
  • Create press releases
  • Plan and coordinate communication strategies and campaigns
  • Set up and maintain press mailing lists
  • Organize interviews and press conferences
  • Plan measures such as press trips, image brochures, trade fairs and events
  • Budget planning and management of campaigns and projects

Your day-to-day work as a PR manager depends heavily on the industry and the type of company you work for. The following experience report comes from Lucia Kaufmann, PR manager at LUMAX music service. She gives you a first insight into her work.

“I start early in the morning to prepare and organize myself for the day. In order to keep track of things, an efficient work structure is essential for me - a lot of information flows together and has to be bundled and passed on. In my job as PR manager, I mainly take care of the musical sector in nationwide radio. One of my main tasks is to position the music of our artists accordingly on the market, in this case in the radio segment. Accordingly, I am in constant contact with my media partners - this happens by phone, email or in person. "

Lucia Kaufmann, PR manager at LUMAX music service.
Source: www.musicsupporter.de

Where do I work as a PR manager?

As a PR manager, you often work in PR agencies or larger companies, not infrequently in a managerial position. As the head of the press and public relations department, you are responsible for the positive presentation of a company, for example, or you design and coordinate PR campaigns as a team leader. Also one independence is possible as a PR manager. As an independent PR manager, you usually look after several customers in the field of press and public relations. Due to the wide field of employment, there are various industries in which you can work as a PR manager. For example:

  • Press and public relations departments of various companies
  • PR agencies
  • Advertising and marketing agencies
  • Authorities
  • Associations
  • societies

What salary does a PR manager earn?

Your salary as a PR manager depends on the industry in which you work and your tasks. The following table gives you a first impression. If you work as a PR manager in a very large company, you will earn more than in a small company.

Career levelSalary (gross / month)
Career starters2.200 €
With professional experience5.900 €
average4.050 €

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Why study to become a PR manager?

  • You will gain extensive knowledge in the entire media sector.
  • You have the choice between university, academy or distance learning.
  • The training is possible part-time.
  • You can also take a distance learning course as a career changer.