How do you identify your gender

How to determine the gender of your rabbit

On the basis of body size and behavior, it is not possible to reliably differentiate between male (pummelers) and female (zibbe or rabbit) rabbits. In order to determine the sex of rabbits, a closer look at the reproductive organs is necessary. They are located in the genital area between the hind legs.

With these instructions it is possible for you to make your rabbit's genitals visible:

  1. Gently pick up your rabbit.
  2. Turn it on its back and then let it sit on your lap.
  3. Hold it in place by carefully grasping your chest and leaning your back against your stomach.
  4. With the now free hand you can carefully pull the skin in the genital area upwards so that the genitals can be seen. Be especially careful when doing this as the genital area is very sensitive.

So that there are no injuries when searching for the sex of the rabbit, it is helpful to ask a second person for help. If your rabbit does not tolerate sex determination or if you are not sure about the assessment, you can find out more from a veterinarian. This can examine the genitals more closely in the event of malformations or other changes.