What is GS in salary components

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NEOS want to link civil servants' salaries to performance

Vienna (PK) - The NEOS are in favor of a new salary system in the public service (1408 / A (E)). MEP Gerald Loacker is primarily concerned with shaping the salary system in line with the market and introducing performance-oriented salary components without making the system more expensive as a whole. To this end, he also considers annual standardized performance reviews of all civil servants and contract employees to be necessary. The salary should therefore be different depending on the degree to which the task is fulfilled. Loacker's initiative is justified by the fact that the current salary system violates any market logic, because special commitment and exceptional performance can only be compensated to a limited extent. Last but not least, the salary reform in the state of Vorarlberg serves as a model for the changeover.

FPÖ wants to give opposition the possibility of a ministerial indictment

The FPÖ has applied for an amendment to the federal constitution (1417 / A). She sees it as a shortcoming that ministers can currently only be charged with culpable violations of the law at the Constitutional Court (VfGH) if the National Council so decides with a majority. For club chairman Heinz-Christian Strache, this is the main reason why no member of the government has yet had to answer to the Constitutional Court, although the ministerial indictment has been anchored in the constitution since 1920. In the future, according to the FPÖ, the approval of a quarter of the MPs - 46 mandataries - should be sufficient for a ministerial charge. According to the reasons for the application, the President of the Constitutional Court has also spoken out in favor of strengthening opposition rights in this area.

Greens urge comprehensive reform of public procurement law

The Greens are urging a comprehensive reform of Austrian procurement law. New EU directives from 2014 should be implemented promptly and in full, according to a motion for a resolution (1420 / A (E)) submitted by Green MP Gabriela Moser together with three group colleagues. Above all, Moser believes that greater consideration should be given to social and ecological criteria when awarding public contracts by strengthening the best bidder principle. In their opinion, the service life of products, the energy efficiency of buildings, the environmental friendliness of the machinery used on construction sites or recycling costs should all be included in the assessment of offers. It should also be ensured that the offeror does not engage in wage dumping. In the justification for the application, Moser refers, among other things, to the enormous market power of public clients. (Conclusion) gs