Can I use Indian rupees in Thailand

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Franklin Templeton Fixed Income GroupGlobal bond market environment: “Will the United States slide into recession? Will the Eurozone fall apart? Will China Have a Rough Landing? A few weeks ago the markets seemed to answer these questions in the affirmative on several occasions. The actual numbers, however, seemed to confirm our opinion that these events remain unlikely, ”said Michael Hasenstab, Portfolio Manager and Co-Director International Bond Department.

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Small caps and the euro crisis:“European companies in Spain, Italy and Ireland in particular have been seeing falling share prices for some time. This is why some small and mid-cap stocks have attractive valuations in our opinion, ”said Ed Lugo, portfolio manager and analyst.

Templeton Global Equity Group

European stocks: “Thanks to our strict attention to valuations and our rigorous bottom-up analysis, we have recently found what we believe are attractive new bargains in the financial and industrial sectors,” says portfolio manager Norm Boersma.

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Thailand: “The Thai government has announced not only cuts in corporate taxes and various stimulus packages, but also the budget deficit for the fiscal year

Increased from 350 billion baht to 400 billion baht (about $ 13 billion) in 2012. The government wants to spend more funds in support of the reconstruction of the country, ”said Dr. Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman of the Templeton Emerging Markets Group.


You will also find the current ones attached Emerging Markets Newsletter from Mark Mobius with a focus on, among other things, the weak rupee: How does Mobius assess the scenario of a falling rupee? To what extent is this a cause for concern?


You can find both documents as PDF downloads in our Info Center!

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