Can I go to the gym on my own?

Alone in the gym: dare to do it!

Go to the gym alone

"I actually want to go to the gym, but ...". Even if you've said this phrase many times, it's not too late! Perhaps this situation sounds familiar to you: You are sitting at home and want to change something. Basically, you have long since made the decision that you want to register in the gym. The only problem is: you don't dare to go alone!

11 Things You Need To Know Before Going To The Gym On Your Own.

Everyone is the same in the gym, nobody wants to put anything bad or obstacles in your way.

On the contrary: Regardless of how you look and how unfit you are - all members have started training at some point and know what you are doing!

Insider tip from practice: You can prepare yourself for studio training with your own weight training. This gives you self-confidence and in this highly acclaimed book you will find an extremely large number of very effective exercises that will get you fit even without equipment! If at some point you want more - just register in the studio!

Self-motivation is possible! According to some studies, automation is an effective way to anchor training in everyday life. The really good news, however, is that we can choose whether or not to go to the gym.An important tip:Make it as easy as possible for yourself to go training. For example, by finding a gym that is on the way to work or near where you live.Ideally, you can get to your gym in less than 10 minutes.This enormously increases the likelihood that you will exercise regularly!

At the introductory appointment, have all the equipment and exercises shown to you in detail. Start with light exercises to get in. For fitness beginners, some devices sometimes look like spaceship equipment. If you have any questions: Just talk to a trainer - helping you is their job!

The atmosphere in fitness classes is very positive. The participants push each other and pull together.

On the contrary, the gym trainers will be happy to help you with any questions.

As a fitness beginner, you don't have to worry about getting strange eyes at you.

The truth is, nobody cares about you or whether you train in the gym or not. That might sound harsh, but it's completely normal and takes the pressure off you. You don't have to please anyone in the gym - just yourself!

If you want, you can remain completely anonymous. Just turn up your music, do your workout, and go back home.

Even if it sounds strange: Personal experience shows that people in the gym are very respectful. Even in cheaper studios, the tone is usually friendly. It is not uncommon for the members to help each other.

Don't be afraid to go to the gym alone! You may feel a little uncomfortable at the beginning - that's not bad! It is an unfamiliar situation at the beginning, especially if you are a beginner and a little insecure. Just go to training regularly and this uncomfortable feeling will eventually disappear by itself - I promise!

There may even be good reasons to go to the gym on your own. When you train alone, you don't get distracted so easily and you concentrate 100% on the workout! Sometimes it's important to train at your own pace. Once you stop feeling uncomfortable in the gym, you may even enjoy solo workouts.

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