Can I survive on protein shakes alone?

Protein shake in the evening


Protein shake in the evening

Category: nutrition (3.3.2016)

does anyone have experience with replacing a meal (in the evening) with protein shakes? ... maybe at least start to lose weight, I thought?
I have an acquaintance who is with a nutritionist and she does it that way and actually has quite good results with it.


Bembel 3.3.2016, 11:48 

In the evening you can of course drink a protein shake as "dinner".
But if you have filled your stomach unrestrainedly before that, then of course there is no success ;-)

You can also eat cheese, sausage, vegetables, a steak or whatever in the evening. In the end, it depends on what you have plastered during the day.

You will not lose weight faster or slower from the shake, the only thing that happens is that you go to bed hungry and you should replace it with a real meal.
Therefore, if I want it to be on the go, then I would not dump the powder in water or milk but in quark or yoghurt. Then you will get full of it too.

But either way it makes sense not to eat bread, pasta, potatoes or the like in the evening, but something that is not based on carbohydrates.
However, for all I know and think, it doesn't make much difference what it is.

You should include protein / protein and fat at every meal anyway and reduce carbohydrates, which are not essential for survival. AND, and most importantly, make your insulin rise, which in turn blocks the fat cells and prevents them (depending on the amount of insulin) from releasing fat for energy.

Bembel 3.3.2016, 11:53 

Addendum: I guess the nutritionist is just trying to cut some of the calories. In principle, of course, makes sense and is the way to lose weight, but should that happen in the evening with a shake that you replace with a meal? At least without any information about the why and why.
I don't know what else he says, and whether he even comes across with good information or just gives her a nutrition plan and says "do it".
But in principle you shouldn't just look at how you save in the evening, but over the entire day.
I don't know how it is with others, but I prefer to eat in the evening, I wouldn't want to replace my dinner with a shake.

Do you do sports? or your acquaintance?

Ayslynn 3.3.2016, 12:06 

If your daily balance (including dinner) is correct, you can also eat a portion of pasta in the evening. Even that doesn't matter. If you are in deficit, you lose weight.

For me, the shake is nothing. When mixed with water I find it again and when mixed with milk it also comes to about 350kcal and I am not full of it. I can also make a large vegetable pan with some spring quark or an egg or something. Then I'm not hungry AND have about the same amount of kcal.

Bembel 3.3.2016, 12:18 

Then I give Ayslynn, except for the noodles: P, right.
Protein shakes definitely have their place, but in connection with a lot of exercise.
"Just like that" as a meal, mh, solala. You can do it because they are delicious with milk. But always? For what? Then rather cook something awesome!

cake ... 3.3.2016, 13:02 

But meat also makes the release of insulin even a significant ...

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Ostacem 3.3.2016, 13:44 

"maybe at least start to lose weight, I thought?"

Why don't you start right away instead of having your wallet plundered for such nonsense?
Of course, as an alcoholic, you can also pipe in a tea with rum in the evening instead of half a bottle of wine ... so to start with.

Learn to live without such crutches!

PaleoMic 3.3.2016, 14:31 

So I start the day with a protein shake, but with a run-of-the-mill standard product, not overpriced Almased stuff. The shake alone comes to about 200 kcal. Since I don't drink coffee or tea, it's a great substitute for the cocoa I have grown fond of in the morning. Tastes better, has a little more calories, but my breakfast now keeps me full until the early afternoon. With normal cocoa the first hunger came around 11

juniper .... 3.3.2016, 15:31 

What should be the goal when the dinner is turned into a shake? Certainly not more enjoyment. I don't understand why this should be a better introduction to losing weight than a sensible combination of foods because I don't assume that you want to do this forever.

Why do you want to take a detour? And spend money at the same time that can be better invested in high-quality food.

Bembel 3.3.2016, 15:55 

"But meat also makes the release of insulin even a significant ..."

Of course you absolutely have! Meat also increases insulin BUT the big difference is that there is very little glucose in the blood!

Dani80 3.3.2016, 16:03 

First of all, thank you for all the answers :-) ... it's not quite the case that I don't have any experience with weight loss (unfortunately) and theoretically I already know how to do it nutritionally ...
actually I just wanted to hear your opinions, what you think of it (I know now ;-) ... but hey, please don't be so aggressive!), I think with a little success at the beginning you are much more motivated

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Bembel 3.3.2016, 16:55 

So I also eat / drink protein powder quite often.
There are many very good ones! At the moment I like the Hy-Pro 85 from All Stars best.

Right now, for example, for dinner I took 30 grams of it, 200 grams of Rewe organic whipped cream and approx. 100 ml of 3.8% milk and made myself a little pudding on it.
Hy-Pro is a multi-component protein (WITHOUT soy!), So the consistency becomes very firm due to the casein and you need the milk.
For the "real" pudding feeling I use whey protein with cream, there is no more milk to go in - just awesome.

juniper .... 3.3.2016, 17:06 

Dani, the problem with the initial success is if you lose a lot at the beginning - it's not really fat. But water and muscles. Sorry if I destroy your motivation with it, but these "initial successes" are simply lying in their own pockets or many just don't know any better - they are not so widely discussed in the media. Real decrease only happens after a corresponding deficit and that takes time.

You need a 7000 calorie deficit to lose 1 kg of fat. That's how it is. That's why all of these 4 kg in 3 days diets are also window dressing.

rannilein 3.3.2016, 18:29 

I tried to avoid carbohydrates for a while (especially in the evening) and was completely unhappy. I felt weak and hungry all the time. I need carbohydrates - especially in the evening to be able to sleep properly and despite the carbohydrates that I consume, I lose weight - oh wonder: 'D But those who lose weight on low carb and keep it up well should keep doing it do. But I will never again give up carbohydrates unnecessarily. I eat plenty of potato products in the evening because I love them. And because of that I am simply satisfied in the evening and satisfied, it can be removed better: D

sun80. s ... 3.3.2016, 19:45 

rannilein ... exactly my thinking .. and it works great;)

Martha J ... 3.3.2016, 22:58 

Never drink your calories when you want to lose weight.
Unless, of course, you don't like to eat

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Dani80 4.3.2016, 07:38 

You guys are madness ... ;-) :-D

juniper .... 5.3.2016, 00:09 

MissGecko, she later wrote that she wanted a higher weight loss in the beginning for motivation. I only showed that 3 kg in 5 days may be motivating, but if you look at the biological background, it doesn't really help.

melahide 5.3.2016, 09:17 

I started with 150 kg and have ... reduced myself relatively. In the beginning I did it that way with shakes. So I had a warm breakfast, mostly a snack at lunchtime and a shake in the evening. At some point you start to use the 200 kcal for the shake differently, with products that bring about the same amount of protein. But even today, when the daily balance is too low on protein, I replace meals with pure protein shakes. I want to get about 90 g of protein (30 grams of fiber, etc.) ...

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forestry 5.3.2016, 11:21 

250g low-fat quark, 200ml water. banana or strawberries or anything else purely for the taste.
very good!

bad: whey protein in the evening (then you get hungry at night), 20% fat quark or too much sugar due to some ingredient for the taste.

juniper .... 5.3.2016, 11:34 

MissGecko, EVEN.

That's exactly what I wrote!

Dani also posted the following: "I think with a small success at the beginning you are much more motivated". That sounds to me as if she wants something like 3 kg in 5 days (wildly grasped numbers) as initial motivation.

What doesn't work, nothing works, etc.

And now I stop before I write something that I don't even want to, my coffee machine was already mean to me today and my mood is accordingly bad.

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