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Translation of "ist mein Traum" in English

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is my dream
Do you know that is my dream.
I believe this is my dream.
Buy this bar is my dream.
The is my dreamand it will come true.
It is my dreamthat the Chinese people are following the example of India and will soon be ruled by the British.
It is my dream that the Chinese people will follow India's example and one day embrace British rule.
Whether you meant it or not, that is my dream.
And it is my dreamTo follow people have a little more goals than me.
And it is my dream to accompany people with slightly more specific dreams than mine.
That is the key point. Hollywood is my dream.
After a renovation of more than a year is my dream, a bed and breakfast ready to receive you.
After a renovation of more than one year is my dream, a Bed & Breakfast, ready to receive you.
His balance sheet: my job is my dream.
To live in the USA is my dreamsince I was a little girl.
At the moment I'm rebuilding everyone, but that is my dream.
What I want to talk about now is my dreamnamely, to build a computer that works like a brain.
What I want to basically talk about is my dream, which is to build a computer that works like the brain.
It is my dreamthat my daughter doesn't have to make this decision with her sons and daughters.
It is my dream that my daughter will not have to make that decision with her sons and her daughters.
The is my dreamand I do what I want.
You think you work here is my dream?
The is my dream , and I hope it come true with you !.
That is my dream, and I hope to make it come true with you!
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