Who destroyed your dreams

Corona destroys dreams of staying abroad.

What to do: go or stay? What is the right decision?

Did your dreams suddenly burst with the lockdown? Did you inadvertently have to say goodbye to all your plans to discover the world, learn a foreign language and do something good in the process? Are you considering whether you should do it despite Corona or how you can best reschedule?

A stay abroad is extremely valuable, both for your career and for personal development. But at what price is it worth taking current risks? What do good alternatives look like? Which are there anyway?

We all have a lot of questions about Covid-19. Because of many uncertainties, it has become difficult to make long-term plans. However, there are several ways that you don't have to completely distance yourself from your previous intentions. Here are some aspects that can help you in your considerations.

Option 1: Postpone your stay abroad

If you are just at the beginning of your studies, you can postpone a stay abroad to a later date, regardless of whether you want to study a semester abroad, do an internship or do voluntary work somewhere. Wait calmly for the developments. Perhaps there will soon be a reliable vaccine that will make traveling and stays abroad safe again.


  • You are not endangering your health or your loved ones.
  • You stay in an environment in which the health system is stable, resilient and one of the best in the world.

Remember that new corona hotspots can flare up at any time and can result in the following circumstances:

  • Face-to-face classes no longer take place, online lectures dominate everyday life and you have nothing from campus life at the trendy university abroad.
  • You are annoyed green and blue when there is a strict curfew while the sea rushes in front of your balcony door.
  • A journey home is no longer easily possible, you are stuck somewhere in the world or have to pay an exorbitant price for a return flight ticket.
  • You're worried about the health of your family or friends, you're on the other side of the world and can't do anything for them.
  • You feel completely isolated in a strange city and are deadly unhappy.

Option 2: Look for and find alternatives

If you are looking for a good alternative to your original plans, look for the motive you pursued with your plans abroad. Ask yourself how you can achieve your goal differently.

Learn a foreign language

Are you interested in learning a language among locals? Then research where in Europe you can practice it in order not to have to travel to severely affected Corona areas in North or South America or Africa.

Dutch, Belgians, and Scandinavians are known to be fluent in several languages. English is part of everyday life in Malta and French is spoken in Luxembourg. You can also take additional language lessons anywhere to learn a language even faster.

Time out from studies

Are you interested in taking a break from your studies, e.g. B. to do an internship or a voluntary social year? You can also take on such tasks in Germany. There are numerous opportunities on your own doorstep or in beautiful places where others go on vacation. These include, for example, the North and Baltic Seas, the Alpine Foreland, Saxon Switzerland, the Black Forest or the Mecklenburg Lake District, etc.

Flexibility is the magic word of the hour, based on the motto: If plan A doesn't work, then just develop a plan B.

Social institutions for sick children, those in need of care, the disabled, addicts as well as hospices, animal shelters, environmental associations, clubs and non-profit organizations are happy to receive active support everywhere, including here in Germany. Such institutions are always grateful for additional help from young people who want to get involved. The appreciation you get here is just as great as that abroad.

Experience fascination

Are you looking for a real adventure, the spirit of living in another country and immersing yourself in another culture? Then check which Eastern or Southern European country you can go to to live and work there. Life as we know it from our German university cities does not exist in many places. You don't have to fly all the way to Ethiopia to experience poverty. There are also challenging living conditions in Europe.

The median income per month * is in

  • Albania = € 390
  • Serbia = € 523
  • Turkey = € 715


  • South Africa = € 450
  • Peru = € 502
  • Brazil = € 680

The comparison value in Germany is € 3,612 per month. [* Source: www.laenderdaten.info]

Remember that if you have to return home immediately, you have more options for a return journey within Europe than from far away.

Career tip: rethink your CV

All generations will remember the Corona year 2020 for a very long time. If you adjust, postpone, change or cancel your foreign plans, this does not have to have any impact on your career. Think about how you can profitably incorporate an alternative activity into your résumé, and above all what value you give it. A social year abroad is no better than one in Germany. In both cases you are helping people who need your help, attention and support.

If you are doing an honorary position in your hometown and not in an exotic emerging or developing country, write “Plan B because of Corona” on your résumé or date the time with “Corona year 2020”.

Be creative and self-confident to point out to the future readers of your application that you belonged to the year of study that Corona had to sit out during your studies. No HR manager is going to take this away from you, and if it does, then weigh up whether it is really the right company for you and whether its values ​​match yours.