Why are bosses happier than their employees

This is how bosses make employees happy

Short time for a little self-experiment?

A little experiment on yourself: Before reading further, pause for a moment and think about what the very personal and often secret top three lucky charms at work are. Surprised? In any case, the results of the 200 professionals surveyed by OfficeTeam speak for themselves.

  • 1st place: For almost a quarter of those surveyed (23 percent), a good income is the most important source of happiness at work. A sobering result when you consider how many employees are dissatisfied with their salaries.
  • place 2: The interesting tasks and work content are just below the income, at 22 percent. This reflects what many have already recognized for themselves: money is not the most important thing in work. For these respondents, it is primarily about self-fulfillment and fulfillment as well as the fact of doing a meaningful job.
  • place 3: A fair boss and a work-life balance that allows work and family life equally share third place with 16 percent each.

Overrated areas

The essential points for job satisfaction are close together and very clearly correspond to the currently discussed work requirements. The personal level - including the issue of reconciling work and family - is very clear here. This is where employers have to start in order to maintain satisfied employees in the long term and - it is already in the word - to keep them. But also those areas are exciting that the employees consider to be the least important for their own satisfaction: These are:

  • Additional services: 31 percent rate these as unimportant.
  • Development opportunities: For 22 percent of those surveyed, they are not relevant.
  • Pleasant corporate culture: For 16 percent, this is in the last place of the satisfaction factors.

The executives have a duty

So lucky. But what about the unhappiness or dissatisfaction? Here too, inquiries were made. First of all: As it turns out, the managers here are clearly in the position to be able to decide on the satisfaction of the employees. Because the most important reasons for dissatisfaction at work are: negative mood in the company (31 percent), lack of appreciation from the boss (28 percent) and insufficient communication (27 percent).

What employees want

Managers, so the conclusion, can contribute a lot to the happiness of their employees. When explicitly asked about this, the following wishes arise:

  • 95 percent of the respondents would like their boss to be behaves fairly and clearly communicated.
  • 93 percent think it is important that the supervisor is one positive working and team atmosphere promotes.
  • 91 percent want it recognition of good performance.

So much for the wishes, which are very clear with over 90 percent approval. However, the reality, as many employees know, is often different. Not even half (41 percent) of the respondents said that their boss showed interest in the employees. Fairness and openness to new ideas - here we are again thinking of self-realization - only 35 percent attest their bosses. According to the survey, only every third boss (34 percent) ensures pleasant togetherness. Worrying: just under a quarter of those surveyed stated that their own boss did nothing to make employees happier.

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