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What does it mean to be a Red Cross Sister?

As a Red Cross sister you are a member of a DRK sisterhood and thus part of the worldwide Red Cross and Red Crescent movement. You are committed to the principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Your professional behavior is determined by the ethical principles of the sororities of the German Red Cross and by the professional code of the Association of Sisterhoods of the DRK e.V.

Being a Red Cross sister means: helping to shape, co-determining, taking responsibility.

The DRK sororities are registered associations and democratically organized. Care under the sign of humanity - this is what you stand for as a Red Cross nurse. You take responsibility for people in need of care and assistance, stand by the relatives and continuously develop your own qualifications in the practice of your profession. You place high demands on yourself and your professional activity.

For Red Cross nurses, care means helping people to experience and deal with health, illness, crises and dying through human behavior and to support them with professional competence.

It is easier to inspire others when you are enthusiastic yourself.

Are you a health and nurse, health and pediatric nurse or geriatric nurse? Then get to know us and become a member of one of the 31 DRK sororities nationwide - and thus part of the worldwide Red Cross and Red Crescent movement.

Our strength lies in diversity!

Being a Red Cross nurse means much more than just caring. In our community we are there for one another. In the German healthcare system, we see ourselves as advocates for humanity. The idea of ​​Henry Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross, is still lived in our community today: the sick and needy person is the focus of our professional care.

Our members, the Red Cross Sisters, do not only come from different areas of care. They also all come from different social backgrounds. Some are married, some are single, many have children, and some are single parents.

We are a community whose strength lies precisely in diversity.

From Flensburg to Munich - we are represented nationwide. No matter where, we are always members of a secular sisterhood, in contrast to sisters who are organized in an order or a Christian sisterhood. Did you know that we are the only non-denominational sororities in the world? This means that religious affiliation is just as irrelevant for us as ethnic affiliation, nationality, social position or political conviction. The principles of the Red Cross are binding for us: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntariness, unity, universality. And that enables us to be open to everyone interested in our community.

Perhaps our ethical foundation can also give you an orientation in your professional activities and you decide to become a member of one of our DRK sororities? We are sure to be in your area one day. Get to know us!

Here, the Red Cross Sisters will tell you what membership means for them personally. Just drop by and let yourself be inspired.

And what do you get out of it?

There are many good reasons to become a Red Cross Sister. One is to be a member of a special community of responsibility in which one is there for one another.

The big plus that we offer our members: an attractive additional benefit, namely the pension fund from the German Red Cross. Because: Company pension schemes are very important to us. Therefore, the DRK sororities take over your contributions to the pension fund, you receive the benefit.

Further advantages at a glance

Free global repatriation service For you and your family worldwide in the event of an accident or illness
Individual insurance cover to cover life's risks
Professional mobility Change within the 33 sororities in Germany
Worldwide deployment Opportunity to participate in relief and disaster operations of the DRK abroad
Democratic association structure Participation, participation, responsibility for active association life
Nationwide networkingMembership in a large nationwide women’s network
Lifelong learning Active support for individual professional development
Strong representation of interestsMembership in the German Care Council and supporting association of the German Education Council
Discounts from over 500 cooperation partners

Care & support - under the sign of humanity

Have you learned a nursing profession or do you want to learn it? Then you've come to the right place. We are women of all ages who work in one of the 31 DRK sororities. We stand up for the respect and preservation of human dignity and our goal is to alleviate human suffering - always according to the degree of need. As a professional association for professional care within the German Red Cross, the principles of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement provide orientation for our actions. The "professional ethical principles" derived from this - above all that of humanity - form the ethical foundation of our professional activities for us.

Are you curious and interested in becoming a member? Then take a look here to find out which DRK sisterhood is near you. There you will find all the details about the requirements and the different forms of membership. Or get an idea for yourself below.

Ordinary members are members who can prove that they are permitted to use one of the following professional titles: health and nurse, health and pediatric nurse, nurse, pediatric nurse, geriatric nurse or midwife and who work in the DRK sisterhood beyond the introductory period. Ordinary members also include the properly elected board members. Ordinary members are also persons who are named as ordinary members by the board of the DRK sorority due to their special ties to the DRK sorority.

extraordinary members

Associate members are the members in training, the members during the induction period and the members in retirement.
Associate members are also nursing assistants. Extraordinary members are also persons who have completed another professional training in nursing or are professionally active in other ways for the DRK Sisterhood, insofar as they are accepted by a decision of the board of directors.

The DRK sororities can accept persons as supporting members by resolution of the executive committee, provided that they feel committed to the principles of the Red Cross and the principles of the DRK sororities and want to promote the tasks of the DRK sororities.

The DRK sororities can accept personalities as honorary members who have made a special contribution to the DRK sorority. The prerequisite is the proposal by the board of directors and the resolution of the general meeting.

Inactive members are members who have not worked for the DRK Sisterhood for more than six months, but are not retired or on parental leave. Inactive members are also those members whose temporary employment for the DRK Sisterhood ends in a field of activity of the DRK Sisterhood. They remain inactive members until they are back in action for the DRK sorority.

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