Distance learning is worth it

That is why distance learning in the health professions is worthwhile

More and more care and health professions require well-founded technical and theoretical training. But studying alongside your job is almost impossible at a face-to-face university. Distance learning is therefore the ideal opportunity for nurses to continue their education. They can then take on new tasks, participate in the further development of nursing and move up to management positions that are closed to them without a degree.

Distance learning courses for nursing and healthcare professions

Distance learning is particularly useful for those who are already working in a nursing or health care profession. Because the distance learning courses are aimed at Working people who want to study alongside their job. Participants can timed flexible from home learn and usually only have to travel to very few face-to-face seminars.

The admission requirements differ depending on the course and university. Usually applicants need the general university entrance qualification, the technical diploma or the technical college entrance qualification as well as a few years practical work experience. At some universities, however, also have professionally qualified Without a high school diploma with many years of practical experience, the opportunity to take up distance learning in the field of nursing or health.

There are now some health and nursing courses at universities of applied sciences or private universities across Germany. As a rule, they finish with a bachelor's degree, less often with a master's degree.

These academic distance learning courses are suitable, for example, for nurses and graduates of health education:

Distance learning graduates in nursing and health care have good career prospects

Due to demographic change, it is already prevalent in many areas Lack of well-trained nursing and health workerswhich will become even more severe over the next few decades. A number of fields of activity are therefore open to graduates of a distance learning course in nursing or health. After graduation, they can take on administrative tasks in addition to general care. For example, you plan the personnel requirements and use of materials, train nursing staff or monitor quality management. A distance learning master’s course also qualifies graduates to manage nursing and health care facilities. Last but not least, graduates of such a course are familiar with current research and can further develop nursing in Germany on a scientific level in the future.