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I dream very intensely and then always have problems orienting myself and finding my way back to reality. Do you have any advice on how I can find “back” more quickly? Although I dream a lot, I have never had a lucid dream and I would love to experience it. Could you give me a few tips on how I can do it? Because the information that I found while googling didn't really help me. Thank you for answering!

Wolfgang Roell: Regarding the first part of your question: you may find your way back more quickly if you try to make it clear to yourself what you have dreamed and try to deal with it. Second part of your question: I believe that one cannot set out to dream "clearly". Maybe you can experience it once, then it's a dream gift. You can then look further from the present.

Good evening. What is it with lucid dreaming (waking dream) and how is this possible resp. what is going on in our brains?

Wolfgang Roell: A waking dream gives you the feeling of a special personal presence in a dream. The feeling of reality is much more pronounced than in a "normal" dream. What exactly goes on in the brain, in contrast to normal dreams, has not yet been scientifically researched as far as I know. I think that waking dreams have a particularly strong "persuasive value".

I mim dream het min fründ secretly with enere other e regarding gha what can that mean?

Wolfgang Roell: Perhaps you fear that your boyfriend will enter into a different relationship. Therefore, the dream would be the expression of a worry that you are concerned about their relationship.

Good evening, I sometimes have dreams in which I suddenly fall into a deep black hole, I always get frightened and twitch strongly and then mostly wake up, do the others know that too?

Wolfgang Roell: That is a typical fearful dream that is so massive that you wake up in the dream or can no longer dream. Maybe you feel without a hold and the dream illustrates that.

I'm a borderliner myself. I've been dreaming about killing my life more and more recently. I tried this once, but survived. What does this dream say about me? I always survive in dreams too. When I wake up, I feel like I did when I woke up in the hospital. What do these dreams and feelings mean? Most of the time one of my teachers is there in the dream, but never my family.

Wolfgang Roell: Apparently the content of the dream is similar to the situation when you attempted suicide. I understand the dream more as a warning signal: You are probably in a difficult emotional state. Do you have to go on a knife edge to realize that you survive? Perhaps you will discuss your situation in therapy.

Keep dreaming that my dog ​​dies unexpectedly or is even killed. Already had a dog that unexpectedly died at the age of 9 after a vaccination. In 2005

Wolfgang Roell: I think you are thinking about the sudden death of your dog in a dream. In dreams you repeatedly deal with stressful circumstances, also in order to deal with them better. You may be afraid that your current dog may die unexpectedly too. The question would be, what would give you hope that fate does not repeat itself?

I dream practically every day. In the dream there are characters (I can't describe them exactly) who want to grab me by the neck and kill me. However, I always wake up before they can actually access them. This goes so far, when I'm at home alone, that I can hardly sleep afterwards. As soon as someone is home and tells me everything is ok O., I continue to sleep like a charm.

Daniel Erlacher: If you suffer so badly from your nightly dream experiences, you should see a sleep specialist. Nightmares can be treated very well. If there are recurring dream clues (in your case "gestalten"), then try to recognize that you are dreaming. If you achieve this in a dream, then you can continue to make the dream positive yourself.

Could it be that dreaming makes you sweat a lot and wakes up bathed in sweat?

Wolfgang Roell: It does happen. If you dream intensely, maybe have anxiety dreams, then this is accompanied by vegetative reactions. However, you may also tend to sweat easily. Maybe both go together. I think you deal intensely with "something" at night. Maybe it would help to know something about the dream contents. Then you get to the whole thing better.

Good evening, I twitch every now and then when I fall asleep. Either I don't notice it or I scare myself. Where does that come from? I look forward to your reply. Kind regards

Daniel Erlacher: When you fall asleep, your muscle tone decreases. This decrease in muscle tone can lead to twitching, as the "sensors" in the muscles do not process this information appropriately. Sometimes this can create a dream of falling while falling asleep. Best regards

Death is a frequent motive for me in dreams. I will either be killed - or I will kill other people. It is always preceded by a criminal event that I or people close to me are threatened. If I am killed in the process, then it feels as if I am being pulled away from the earth and slowly see the world from a bird's eye view (with terrifying accuracy). When I kill it always happens by hand, e.g. with a knife. That scares me. Am i dangerous

Wolfgang Roell: I understand your dream to mean that something will happen to you, i.e. you are the victim and not the perpetrator. You write that you are being threatened or people close to you are being threatened. I.e. the aggression comes from outside. Apparently you then dream that you will be killed, a "near-death experience", everything becomes easy and you rise to the top. The question you ask at the end means to me that you see yourself as the perpetrator. The dream gives no direct reason for this. I understand that you are more of the victim.

What can I do to remember my dreams the next day?

Daniel Erlacher: You can increase dream memories by writing them down. In the beginning this may only be a few scraps of memory, but over time the dream memory increases by itself; however, it also goes back when you no longer deal with them.

Good evening Mr. Roell, I have two questions: If I can influence the dream (lucid dreaming, lucid dreaming), could I have a more restful sleep? The second is, I stopped smoking 2 months ago, now I had smoked one in a dream and in the morning I thought it was so. Did I have this dream because of the extreme desire?

Wolfgang Roell: Don't expect too much of yourself and your sleep. Wanting to dream something specific means that you take a task with you to sleep and want to work on it in a dream. In my opinion, dreams are attempts to resolve conflicts. That means we try to solve something at night that we experience during the day. You quit smoking, it certainly wasn't easy for you. The need for it will surely still be there. The dream picks it up.

Could you please provide further information on lucid dreams or references to them. Unfortunately, I don't remember dreams in the morning (at least most of the time) and the proposed dream diary would not fill up with content. Many Thanks !

Daniel Erlacher: There are different books on the market, but you can also find a lot of information on the Internet. The http://klartraumforum.de, link opens in a new window, is a good introduction. You can also find a lot of information on my homepage at klartraum.de. You still have to work on the dream diary, the dream memory increases quite quickly and you will soon have more to write down.

Good evening, I often dream that I get into an elevator, mostly alone, when it goes down at very high speed that I take off and float or stick to the ceiling. if other people are in the FS, they stay standing normally. or on a roller coaster where I was behind the wheel and couldn't brake. I wake up before the impact. also with the FS.

Daniel Erlacher: Recurring dreams like this offer an ideal stepping stone to a lucid dream. The next time you float in the elevator, you know that you are dreaming and can then control the dream yourself (e.g. fly out of the elevator before the impact, to the nearest cafe and eat a cake). VG

Do I have to worry if my dreams are very strange and sometimes disturbing and are actually considered nightmares but I am not afraid of them myself because I have somehow got used to them?

Wolfgang Roell: You can actually get used to horror and no longer be afraid of it, so it still remains a nightmare. If you remember the contents of those dreams, I would look closely at them, just from the surface. What are you experiencing? I think you are dealing intensively with something where you have not found the right solution.

Good evening. I'm 19, female. Often dream of my death, get ill-brought. With a gun, in war, lightning. Recently very real and violent, dismembered by an ax. Crying, trembling, sweating, hardly breathing. Needed help from parents to calm me down. 1 year ago I witnessed the death of a young woman, very sick, saw and went through a lot. Otherwise very balanced, sport, studies, good family and friends. Why do I dream like this? What does that have to do with?

Daniel Erlacher: You should seek professional help in sleep medicine. Recurring nightmares like these have their origin in traumatic experiences. Why these appear so pronounced in some people and not in others is not scientifically well understood.

The following dream returns over and over again for years: e.g. I'm in a holiday apartment with my grandchildren and should leave them by 11 a.m. We don't make it, all suitcases are full and there is still a lot of material to pack, it hasn't been cleaned and I don't see the end of it. - In all dreams I pack. I have to get on the train and can't move at home, etc.

Wolfgang Roell: A repetitive dream indicates that you repeatedly play through comparable situations in your dream that you cannot solve. The repetitive dream basically says: There is still something unexplained, look at it! In your case, I think it has something to do with saying goodbye. You should / want to separate, but there is still so much material there, i.e. so much too much to work on internally (separation?).

Good evening. I am attending the Matura school in Zurich Altstetten and am currently working on my written Matura thesis. My general theme is the dialogue between consciousness and subconscious. I mainly deal with the topic of lucid dreaming and would like to ask you for an interview at a later date, as I have not yet properly completed my questionnaire. I would be very happy to hear from you.

Daniel Erlacher: Interesting topic for the Matura thesis. Have fun with it. You can write me an email directly: [email protected], the link will open in a new window

Good evening, I dream about every two weeks that a tooth is falling out. I just saw on the show that it was about getting old. But I'm only 17 years old. What does this mean for me? Kind regards

Wolfgang Roell: Biting has something to do with power. You are 17 years old, what do you do with your power? Try to get started and don't pull the tooth yourself.

Good evening. I often dream that I have an important exam and don't know anything anymore. And thus does not exist. Thank you for your reply.

Wolfgang Roell: The dream could reflect a fear that you also have during the day. The fear that you will fail the exam. The exciting question would be, why do you have to dream something that you probably also fear in everyday life? I suppose you will pass the exams well. Good luck!

What does grinding of teeth mean?

Wolfgang Roell: Presumably pressure, muscular pressure on the teeth and psychological pressure. If the symptom has persisted for a long time, you should also consider a visit to the dentist, because the teeth suffer from the grinding of the teeth. Relaxation exercises (progressive muscle relaxation) may help.

Is it possible through the dream diary to remember better ah dream with de zit and au no later to stüra?

Wolfgang Roell: good idea. Dream diary helps to remember, but why control better? In life we ​​already have to control and regulate so much, and now you also want to control the "dream playground"? I don't find such a good idea now.

For about half a year I have been dealing with the subject of 'lucid dreams', which is relatively easy for me. In doing so, I have already experienced various 'energy phenomena', OOBE's, false awakening or a lot in a so-called 'void' and now have a lucid dream online coach, with whose help I try to understand all of this. I want to enjoy my life holistically; that includes my dreams, but it's all too esoteric for my loved ones. Should I continue anyway?

Daniel Erlacher: What do you mean exactly by the energy phenomenon? OOBEs (out-of-body experiences) are lucid dreams (if not, it becomes parapsychological, since according to scientific knowledge there is no clear evidence for OOBEs). False awakening is experienced in lucid dreams but also in normal dreams (especially in feverish dreams), so it is not esoteric. What are VOIDs? Approach the whole topic scientifically and hopefully your lucid dream online coach will advise you in this direction. You can find my doctoral thesis with lots of scientific information on the Internet free of charge: http://archiv.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/volltextserver/5896/, the link will open in a new window

I've had similar dreams for years: I'm in an emergency and want to call for help. Result: the phone does not work, or I don't remember the number, or I dial the number, but I always enter something wrong. It has been going on for about 10 years now and every few weeks I have a similar dream ??

Daniel Erlacher: Next time you should try to recognize that you are only dreaming. You can practice this during the day. As soon as you have done that, you dream lucidly and can direct the dream yourself. This is not an explanation for your dream, but a good template for lucid dreaming :-)

Are there people who never dream or can never remember what they dreamed during the night? How could this be changed?

Wolfgang Roell: Everyone dreams, but they tend to evaporate when you wake up. It's hard to hold on to. Perhaps a dream diary will help in the situation. Put this on the bedside table next to the bed. This is like a request that you want to remember your dreams. Maybe it works.

Good evening. i regularly dream that i find myself completely naked in the tram or in the office. and also recurring that I hurry up, feel stressed and still arrive late for my appointment or work. what could be behind? many thanks and best regards from bern

Daniel Erlacher: We have had recurring dreams a number of times. I cannot give you a good explanation, but such dreams offer an ideal stepping stone to lucid dreams: The next time you sit naked in the tram, you know that you are dreaming and can then control the dream yourself (e.g. in the sun a sandy beach). VG

Good evening. I often dream of water, mostly with one person (family). In southern Italy, water dreams mean something bad, most of which are even associated with the death of someone. This worries me. How do you see this starting position? Many Thanks.

Wolfgang Roell: You probably come from southern Italy, and you know that water dreams are understood there in a very specific sense. They are a sign of death. That is the southern Italian cultural understanding. There are many other interpretations of water dreams, such as childbirth. Perhaps you are afraid of death, that death threatens someone close to you. But I rather understand it to mean that it is, as it were, an expression of your cultural heritage, i.e. your southern Italian part. The question is how do you deal with the part? Can you find a way to deal with it differently?

Good evening, I have seldom been able to remember dreams in recent years. Seldom did I know when I woke that I had dreamed again. But oh dear: Immediately the memory of the dreamed disappeared. - Last week I had diarrhea and was given the drug "Imodium". I took a pill in the afternoon. At night I dreamed a very difficult situation from my previous job at the train station. (A car escaped and the signal box was locked.) Can deliver the drug

Daniel Erlacher: From a scientific point of view, one does not know of any substance that increases dream memory. Your observation could also have a completely different cause: Possibly.the drug caused a restless night and you could "better" remember your dreams.

I sometimes dream that the room is getting smaller and smaller and crushing me! What does that mean?

Wolfgang Roell: I suspect that you are a little bit harassed and you feel constricted. You have less and less leeway and that is what the dream expresses. Try to look at your current situation to find out what is restricting you so that you have more "air".

For years I have been dreaming again and again, I drive backwards in a car, faster and faster, I hit the brakes with all my might, but it doesn't work. I can avoid an accident through skilful steering. Then I think I mustn't forget to have the brakes repaired.

Wolfgang Roell: A repeat dream indicates that you are always working on a solution to a problem, but have not yet found it. Drive backwards = maybe you pull the horse up by the tail. But you seem to be very clever at it anyway. Are there internal reasons why you cannot accelerate properly to drive forward? Because only going backwards is quite tedious - right?

Our daughter has had night terrors since she was about 5 years old. After almost exactly half an hour, it falls into a phase that is very frightening to outsiders. Her eyes are wide open and she sometimes stomps her legs nervously. She cries, but not as usual; it is a scream of fear. How can we help her; This night horror grows out of place at some point (she will be 11 this year). Thank you for your reponse.

Daniel Erlacher: You should contact a sleep specialist. In fact, the pavor nocturnus "grows" out in most cases, but I would still have it clarified (since it has been for 6 years; how often?).

I can fly in a dream, although I tell myself that I dream, I can still fly. What does that mean?

Wolfgang Roell: Dreaming about flying can mean that a grandiose side of you emerges. Even if you tell yourself that you are dreaming and yet you cannot fly as a human being, you still dream it. Maybe the dream is telling you, hey, look how do you deal with your grandiose side?

Good evening . I dream very often and also very much. Can you influence the dream before going to sleep?

Daniel Erlacher: In the lucid dream you can do that during the dream event. If you already remember a lot of dreams, you could try to become clear in the dream. Techniques for this can be found e.g. at http://www.klartraumforum.de/forum/, the link opens in a new window

Does that interfere with healthy sleep?

Daniel Erlacher: The lucid dreaming? No.

In my dream it happens again and again that a train leaves without me or that I leave with the train and my partner stays behind on the platform. What could that mean?

Wolfgang Roell: What does the phrase mean: the train has left? I think it means that you haven't achieved something that you might want to achieve. It seems to me that there is some problem between you and your partner, because in the dream there is separation. You sit on the train and your partner stays behind.

I'm late for work. when i'm there and should really quickly put on my work clothes i'm doing everything wrong and always have to put on different clothes. then i come out of the changing room and my boss walks past me but says nothing. what does that mean?

Wolfgang Roell: Nothing really fits together. The beginning is bad. You are late. You keep trying new clothes, i.e. you keep trying new clothes, but apparently unsuccessfully. That must be quite a frustration. Then the boss comes along and doesn't even look at you. Do you feel in the wrong place at work? Do you feel that your work is not being properly appreciated? Is maybe a "frustration dream". Don't let yourself get bent; keep your clothes that fit you calmly.

A lot of my dreams are totally unrealistic. Why do I not notice during the dream that all these things are totally unreal?

Daniel Erlacher: Because the unrealistic situations are more likely to be retained. In fact, your dreams are not always so bizarre, but you tend to forget the "boring" ones. BTW: During the day you can work on realizing that unrealistic situations are just a dream, then you are almost in a lucid dream and can control what is happening yourself. VG

How can I better remember my dreams?

Daniel Erlacher: Unfortunately there is no such thing as a “pill” for a good dream memory. The dream memory can be increased by writing the dreams down. In the beginning this may only be a few scraps of memory, but over time the dream memory increases by itself; however, it also goes back when you no longer deal with them.

I dream again and again (about 2-3 times a year) that all my teeth are falling out. I always wake up sweating pretty much. When I go back to sleep, the dream won't come back. Thank you very much for answering.

Wolfgang Roell: I think it's a fearful dream, your physical integrity is threatened. Obviously the dream cannot be dreamed to the end either because it is too scary. On the other hand, there is no repetition of the dream; maybe that means that you can also fend off this issue quite well. There is always the question of how much can you personally endure. I would understand the dream to be a signal that something is frightening you in your physical integrity.

That was a long time ago when I last remembered a dream. (Maybe several months) Is it true that I can get used to calling up my dreams in the morning when I wake up? (Or at least a dream). How should I best proceed? Thank you for your reply.

Daniel Erlacher: Start to keep a dream diary. This is a good first step ... In the beginning this may only be a few scraps of memory, but over time the dream memory increases by itself; however, it also goes back when you no longer deal with them.

I often dream that I will move into an old house with my family and that I am afraid of being alone and want to leave again. I also keep dreaming that I forget to feed my animals (which I used to have)

Wolfgang Roell: There is never just one meaning in a dream. So here is my idea: you go back to a place of your childhood. This place scares you because you are deserted there. They want to get away from there. The dream would be an indication that you want to edit something "old" but it seems difficult, you are alone and you want to get away. Perhaps you (as a child) do not get "enough food", i.e. enough to eat, food etc. you had to look after yourself as a child.

Good evening. I am currently writing an SLA (independent long-term work) on the subject of dream interpretation. Do you have any advice on how I could proceed or how I could start? Would be great if I got some tips from experts. :) LG Tatiana Gerth

Wolfgang Roell: First of all, all the best for your work. I don't know what you already know. Buy yourself an introduction to dream interpretation. There is a lot of literature out there, that makes it difficult. Try to orient yourself towards psychotherapeutic approaches (psychoanalysis, talk therapy, etc.) and scientific research. Sorry, but I can't say more in brief.

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