Why can't people be naked?

Set yourself free!

Anyone who wants to write something about the fact of being completely naked, of course, cannot ignore them: Adam and Eve. Because when the two of them had eaten from the tree of knowledge, they noticed that they were naked. So far the story is known from the Bible. Why the nakedness of Adam and Eve was felt as embarrassing, however, is not in the Bible. So being naked always has something to do with shame. But one after anonther.

Nudity - a real human problem

Great apes and their natural clothing

All mammals, even the great apes, have fur. There are different theories as to why this has disappeared in humans. It is said that people just didn't need it anymore after they discovered the fire and it was always nice and warm. At the same time, the parasites would not have been able to multiply as much on hairless bodies.

Another theory is that people have had a phase in which they lived by the water and too much hair simply bothered them. Anyway: It seems to be the case that humans and their ancestors have been completely bare for several hundred thousand years without fur, stark naked, roamed the Stone Age before inventing clothing.

Nudity in Antiquity and in the Middle Ages

Uncovered to sporting success in antiquity

In ancient Greece, people were clothed. But they were naked when they played sports. At least the men. The reasons were puzzled as early as in antiquity.

Today's historians are also looking for explanations. One of them seems understandable: the athletes wanted to show their well-trained bodies and differentiate themselves from the clad barbarians, people who did not come from Greece.

It wasn't that long ago that we all wear clothes. Until the end of the Middle Ages it was pretty normal undisguised to be. Only the rich could afford clothes. So dressed or naked was a matter of wealth. Clothing became a status symbol. Anyone who was naked was poor, and nobody wanted to show that. That is why it was and is embarrassing to be naked. Sexual desire isn't even the most important thing.

Evasive words: just don't say “naked”

And this is where evasive words come into play, words that are used to avoid having to say “naked”. You are not naked, you come in Adams- or Eva costume. Also the expression "how God created him“Is still common.

Or synonyms like undisguised, just, shellless, undressed, exposed, moved out. Also names like naked,naked, sometimes too naked, or Nudity should play down the state. Or the term Nudism. That is also an evasive word. At first, one cannot imagine that this is about the fact of bathing naked or doing sports.

The nudism and textile baths

Nudism lovers appreciate the freedom from textiles

However, the followers of the nudist who F.reikbodykultur, a movement that emerged at the end of the 19th century, had had enough of too much covering material.

They wanted to escape civil constraints. For them, naked bodies were a sign of naturalness. Somehow the whole thing should also serve health.

In the former GDR, where nudism was much more popular than in the Federal Republic, people who nevertheless wore bathing suits and did not want to drop their covers were called textile bathers - as opposed to Nudists.

Naked Facts

The word "naked" is not even pronounced at the doctor's. “Get yourself free” is a common request to expose the body for an examination. In a figurative sense, however, the word “naked” occurs frequently.

You can no longer reach into the pockets of a naked man

There are bare factswhen someone means nothing but the facts. One speaks of naked, so pure violence. who gets away with bare skineverything was taken from him.

And one naked man, So someone who has nothing any more, you can then too no longer reach into your pocket. who getting nakedwho reveals his most intimate secrets. Who against bare pulls, his pants just slide down.

Naked: from beginning to end

Maybe packs yes to one or the other at such a sight then that naked horrors, maybe he or she wants sink into the ground in shame. But one thing is certain: we are all born naked, and once the shroud is rotted we are all naked in the end.

Work order
What does being naked mean for you personally? Look for reasons for and against being naked in small working groups and make a list of arguments for and against. Discuss in your working group to what extent society and religion also have an influence and how the topic is presented in your culture.