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INTP-A logician:
Apart from the full impact of introversion, there is a lot that is wrong for me or does not suit me. Even the term logician does not apply to me. I am assumed to be assertive, but I am often just "stubborn" and do not like to be told anything. Convincing someone else, on the other hand, is rather unimportant to me, as I break off communication if necessary in order to pursue my own path.

At the workplace it is written that the best combination would be a team of two. I work better alone. In addition, my head is certainly not full of ideas and creative outpouring. My thoughts are not structured logically, but rather chaotic. Conscious thinking takes place with me maybe 10-20% of my waking time, the rest of the time nothing is consciously controlled in my head (no self-talk, evaluations etc.). The exception are daydreams, which are supposed to correlate with low intelligence if they are excessive. Objective, original or abstract thinker doesn't fit either. I'm not shy, rather reserved and really not a group person ... etc.

During Stefanie Stahl's test, I sometimes had problems deciding on an answer because what was given doesn't really apply to me - neither one nor the other. According to the result, it would be "Minister of Theory", of which only the section "Friendship and love" applies more or less. The rest does not apply to me.

The only scale that portrays me fairly well is the Big Five scale (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, tolerance, neuroticism).
Three of the five values ​​are very weakly pronounced openness, conscientiousness and extraversion. Tolerance is so-so, so also rather weak and I am moderately neurotic.