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Austrian Disability Council publishes position paper on inclusive education

National Disability Action Plan must be used to establish an inclusive education system

Vienna (OTS) - As found in the last state examination by the UN Disability Rights Committee, Austria is late in implementing the UN CRPD in the area of ​​inclusive education and thus violates international agreements. In 2008 the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN-CRPD) was ratified. In doing so, Austria undertakes to enable people with disabilities to participate fully in all areas of society. A central component of the UN CRPD is the commitment to creating an inclusive education system that prevents any form of segregation.

Work is currently underway in Austria to finalize the National Disability Action Plan (NAP) for the period 2022-2030. The Education Competence Team of the Austrian Disability Council provided the Ministry of Education with a position paper drawn up by civil society experts. However, a concrete statement on the content is still pending. Civil society was involved through two round tables, in which the Independent Monitoring Committee and the Disability Ombudsman also took part.

With the publication of the position paper on inclusive education and a list of priorities, the Austrian Disability Council supports the creation of a comprehensive action plan towards an inclusive school system.

The position paper comprises three pillars:

  • Action plans with concrete steps for an inclusive education system from kindergarten to tertiary education and lifelong learning
  • Establishing funding for inclusive education
  • Training of all those working in the field of inclusive education

For the implementation of the measures, a process control group is to be set up in which people with disabilities are involved in leading positions.

The position paper on inclusive education and the list of priorities can be found here.

“Now that the entire period (2012-2020) of the first NAP has passed and there have been regressions in the area of ​​education, it is now high time to get things done. Concrete proposals have long been available. Now you just have to (want to) implement it! "(Prof. Wilfried Prammer, University of Education Upper Austria and member of the expert group of the Austrian Disability Council)

“Inclusion doesn't happen with the formulation of intentions and actions. It requires concrete actions such as the issuing of specific curricula, the production of appropriate teaching and learning materials and courageous pilot projects. We are ready to provide our expertise. Will the governments be ready to provide the funds by 2030? ”(Mag.a Helene Jarmer, President of the Austrian Association of the Deaf and member of the expert group of the Austrian Disability Council).

“Herbert Pichler, the recently deceased President of the Disability Council, fought especially for inclusive education throughout his life. This unique opportunity must also be used in recognition of his life's path and a comprehensive action plan for inclusive education by 2030 must be implemented. "(Michael Svoboda, Vice-President of the Austrian Disability Council)

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